fast 24 BB

  andrew-216448 10:09 11 Jan 2004

hi to everyone. like to know if any of u guys have heard of this BB provider. are they any good. they are offering 1Mb connection for only 29 quid inc vat and 512 Kbps for 19 quid. cannot get any reference from adslguide. they are not listed there. hope to here from anyone of u. thanks.

  simonp1 10:33 11 Jan 2004


Yes i have heard of them and seen their prices, i dont know anyone who uses them just yet although they might be going to them later this month.....if they do i will post here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:46 11 Jan 2004

click here
It is the only one that I could find so not really representative. However, BT owns all the BB lines (apart from cable) in the UK, so any 'supplier' is only renting space on these lines. The rental to BT, is quarterly and judging by fast24's prices they will struggle to make any money unless thay sign up a lot of people. The fact that they are not listed in the ADSL guide would indicate that they are very new or have few customers.

OTOH, if you want a 1mb connection I would give it a punt. You can only lose a month or so subscription.


  ajm 12:09 11 Jan 2004

Its worth considering bulldogdsl for their 2MB connection at £29 a month.I have been with them for approx 4 months and the connection has been very good with a only a couple of minor problems that were sorted out in hours

  andrew-216448 14:32 11 Jan 2004

thanks for all the reply. it helped a lot.

  byfordr 22:39 12 Jan 2004

I'm using fast24 at the moment. 2mb £37.50. I've had not problems since I started using it in August. (expect a initial one caused by bt) Just installed a 1mb connection for my dad last week. Went in ok (I gave him my old wireless router so it was just a case of changing account details)
They have a short contract (3months) also there seems to be a half price startup offer at the moment...failing that I've not heard many complaints from friends using pipex or bulldog



  byfordr 22:41 12 Jan 2004

also prices are as follows

RapidPlay 512K ADSL - (50:1) - £22.50/month (inclusive)
RapidPlay 1 MBit ADSL - (50:1) - £27.50/month (inclusive)
RapidPlay 2 MBit ADSL - (50:1) - £37.49/month (inclusive)
RapidPlay 512K ADSL - (20:1) - £30.00/month (inclusive)
RapidPlay 1 MBit ADSL - (20:1) - £40.00/month (inclusive)
RapidPlay 2 MBit ADSL - (20:1) - £69.99/month (inclusive)

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