Fancy talking to Microsoft - at a senior level?

  Forum Editor 19:27 13 Jul 2004

If you frequent our forum on a regular basis it cannot have escaped your notice that there will shortly be a major Service pack release for Windows XP. Imaginatively entitled SP2 this release is one of the most important Service packs ever to come from the Redmond giant, and they've put a great deal of effort and money into it.

No doubt you're keen to see what goodies lie in store when you get your hands on SP2, but many of you will also be concerned. Rumours about incompatibilities abound, and so do stories about the security fixes that SP2 contains.

I'm going to be talking to Microsoft's SP2 supremo very soon, and I'll be grilling him on some of the issues that concern you. Here's your chance to have your questions answered by the man at the top, and I'm relying on you to come up with some real gems - post your questions here.

I can't promise that I'll get answers to everything - I'll be selecting the questions I think are most relevant to us all - but I'll do my best to get the real low-down. Keep your questions relevant to SP2 (no general Microsoft or Windows problems please), and try to keep it short, I don't have the time to read essays I'm afraid.

There's a deadline looming soon, so I would appreciate some early input - I know I can rely on you. The results will appear in my Consumerwatch page in the magazine, and if you don't want your real name to be mentioned in the article please say so now.

  Totally-braindead 19:52 13 Jul 2004

Sp2 is meant to be much more than a patch from what I have heard, much is made of the new security features. My question would be are the new security features automatic or will users have to keep altering settings depending on what they want to do. Windows can be complicated enough after all, also is there anything included in this new security to stop pop-ups, dial-up hijacking and home page hijacking?

  georgemac 20:10 13 Jul 2004

a lot of trojans seem to need to make registry entries to work/load - will there be any sort of registry management which will require administrator permission to make changes to the registry eg "a program - msoffice - wants to make registry changes - do you permit this?"

THis may be utterly impossible given the amount of registry entries?

  georgemac 20:12 13 Jul 2004

or even for a software package to have some sort of encrypted security certificate endorsed by microsoft, with the user able to specify if only certified packages can make registry changes?

  TOPCAT® 15:12 14 Jul 2004

WindowsXP and its variants, will SP2's Windows Security Center be able to recognise good freebies running like the AVG antivirus software, or only the well known products like Norton? As I understand it, WSC will not allow anything unlisted in its database to compromise Xp's security.

I have yet to use a WinXp configured PC, so I could be wrong on this assumption. :o) TC.

  mdshamilton 16:39 14 Jul 2004

I've read in a number of forums that XP's firewall clashes with Norton Internet Security and other software firewalls. (I have the XP firewall switched off) If home users have home networks set up and SP2 automatically switches the XP firewall on will that damage the networks and create extra work troubleshooting where the problem originated from?

  AcidBurn7uk 13:47 15 Jul 2004

I am using the beta version currently, but would like to know if in the final release:

In the security centre there is an option to do with monitoring your anti-virus program. This option doesn't seem to actually work! I have tried new and old versions of Norton Anti virus, and AVG but none seem to be recognizable. Will this be fixed by the final release, or will it be yet another Microsoft flaw?

  Sapins 13:53 15 Jul 2004

I have Norton firewall 2004 and it states it will run ok with XP firewall, which it seems to do without any problems.

  fourjays 15:18 15 Jul 2004

I only use the XP Firewall, for my online gaming machine, because I found it much easier to configure, than Nortons Internet Security 2004. Will the SP2 firewall, reset any of the currently open ports (ie: reset them all to closed)? If so, will it be as easy to configure ports as in the current XP Firewall?

  Forum Editor 00:19 16 Jul 2004

A selection of your questions is now winging its way to the main WinXP man at Microsoft.

Watch the magazine for his responses.

  Danoh 07:08 16 Jul 2004

Are there any declared and undeclared functionality in SP2 which reflects MS's interpretation of its licencing agreement for PC upgrades? OEM licence transfer for new PC, etc

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