False PayPal account using my details

  Newuser584 10:31 17 Feb 2007

Just recieved a letter from PayPal asking me to verify an account, it appears someone has opened an account using my address and CC card details. Any advice please

  beynac 10:44 17 Feb 2007

Contact PayPal immediately and tell them what's happened. Also, immediately inform the CC issuer.

  iqs 10:46 17 Feb 2007

Was it an e-mail or letter?.If its an e-mail,I receive similar e-mails quite regularly.

They usually ask you to click a link and enter you e-mail address and password.
Sometimes your CC details.I would forward the e-mail to PayPal and ask them to authenticate the e-mail.I have done this numeroue times.

You could also report this to your CC company,see what they say.

  Newuser584 10:53 17 Feb 2007

No it`s a letter posted from PayPal with a Los Angeles postcode. I`ve already stopped CC card as we noticed two transactions on our last statement, the money has been reinstated to my CC account. Have rang the phone number on the letter and they asked me to send an e-mail or letter to confirm that I haven`t set up the account. I was wondering if I should do anything else.

  Zero G 10:58 17 Feb 2007

If it's from the USA who ever sent could be breaking Federal law.
Suggest you also contact click here

  Newuser584 11:07 17 Feb 2007

I belive the letter is from PayPal. In it they tell how to validate the account which confirms our address for mail.it also includes UK address for PayPal and the phone number which checks out. Have tried the PayPal website but got bogged down with the choices for reporting as nothing matches my problem

  iqs 11:10 17 Feb 2007

If you have stopped the CC,at least they can not use your details for futher purchases.

Hopefully PayPal have closed or suspended the other account and started an investigation.

Have you bought any items direct from the USA,not using PayPal?.

I would keep in contact with Paypal,preferably by e-mail...You then have a record.

Good Luck

  Newuser584 11:14 17 Feb 2007

No never purchased anything using Ebay or PayPal. I`m usually very wary when buying online and do most checks like padlock, https in address and typing the address rather than clicking a link.

  Newuser584 11:16 17 Feb 2007

Sorry iqs just reread your response ,no nothing from US

  iqs 11:31 17 Feb 2007

Like you I'm wary about supplying my card details on-line.Currently PayPal are the only company who have my information.

I would only supply my info to reputable companies.

If I were you,now your card has been stopped,let PayPal do their investigation.Wait and see what their finding are.It could take months,but hopefully the person who used your details will be made accoutable.

  Newuser584 11:40 17 Feb 2007

Yes it looks like I`ll have to do that. Been back on their website but unable to find an option to click on that covers my problem. The address in the letter is their registered address in UK so don`t know if a letter will get to the someone who can deal with it.

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