"False" Credit Card application

  VNAM75 21:46 20 Apr 2006

I received a letter from MNBA asking for further details of a named person in connection to an application for one of their credit cards.

This named person is not known to me or anyone else in the household:

1) Should I suspect that this person is attempting to make a fraudulent/false application for a credit card?
2) Is there any possibility that by using my address, I could be a victim of credit card fraud even though the credit card will not be in my name, though I have single title to the house deeds.
3) My house number is 40, so is there a possibility that someone at no. 14 on the same street applied for the card on the phone and MBNA mistakenly put down 40 as the house number.

MBNA have not replied to my email and I could not get through to them today as their "freephone 0800" number was rejected by my mobile phone - "this number is not free, please redial without the first 0" Didn't understand that, never had problems dialling 0800 numbers in the past on my mobile. I'm on 02 100 minutes per month.

  Ikelos 22:13 20 Apr 2006

just of interest, the mobile company i am with will not let you make 0800 calls without paying for them..

  spuds 22:48 20 Apr 2006

As it is a freephone number provided, then use a ordinary landline. Do not use email, as no bank would use this method on a persons check, or anything of a security risk.

Contact the bank, and sort the matter out, for your safety and that of perhaps someone else.

  bfoc 23:12 20 Apr 2006

An offer from MBNA for a credit card with 'online approval' in under 1 minute.

I checked it out and yes, they approved me entirely online in seconds, for a significant amount of credit.

Given the hoops I have had to jump through in the past to get bank accounts, even with banks I have held accounts with for years, the entirely online nature of this came as a surprise. I am awaiting my card and it has all been done online.

It seems to me that this system in open to both planned fraud and also mistyping errors. Either could explain your experience.

  spuds 00:11 21 Apr 2006

Last November I applied on-line for a Argos card (not sure who the actual provider company) and was 'Approved', and informed that I would receive the necessary paperwork for signature within a few days. Never heard anything for a fortnight, so I contacted the helpline, only to be told that the on-line system had problems, and there was no record of my and many other peoples applications. Adviced to go to an Argos store a register from there.Visited the local Argos store on my weekly browse, and was told that they could do all the necessaries there and then, with clearance within a few minutes. In the end got fed up, so I didn't bother.Still liked to have found out where my original 'Approval' ended up!.

  HondaMan 10:56 21 Apr 2006

"I received a letter from MNBA asking for further details of a named person in connection to an application for one of their credit cards."

The danger seems to be that someone may have applied IN YOUR NAME and put themselves forward as an additional user. You could, unknowingly, be the account holder and therefore liable for all charges/costs etc.

Send a letter to MBNA, special delivery setting out the details as you know them, adding that you have NOT applied for this account and it may be a fraudulent application.

  bfoc 13:31 21 Apr 2006

That I have today received my MBNA credit card, by normal post in an MBNA marked envelope and it was clear it was a card.

Given that I have NOT supplied any signature to them I am concerned that this process is a fraudsters charter - or am I missing something?

  CALDOW 16:09 21 Apr 2006

Usualy you have to activate this card by a set process i had one i activated mine by cutting it into 3 pieces be wary.

  george 17:59 21 Apr 2006


Contact the company by landline, my mobile will not give free 0800 numbers either.
Protect your identity by informing the company that you did not ask ask for this card or wish any card from them.
If you have not aksed for something then reject it immediately.


  g0nvs 19:28 21 Apr 2006

Could be Identity theft.

  VNAM75 20:41 02 May 2006

Mystery solved. Not nearly as bad as what it could have been. I phoned MBNA today explaining the situation (they didn't reply to an email) They told me that someone had given a random name and address (which in this case happened to be mine, including postcode)to someone who was marketing/advertising MBNA cards at a public event (football match or something..). By supplying these "random" details that person got some sort of freebie, a voucher or pen or something. Anyway, MBNA say that sort of thing happens "often" and they would not have processed the application without further details. They cancelled the application. They had sent 2 letters to me, each time asking for "further details"

Has anyone had this sort of experience before? Personally I think it is annoying. Thanks to everyone for their advice.

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