Fake SD card? How can we tell?

  br1anstorm 19:37 04 Sep 2010

Some time ago I bought a couple of Sandisk 2GB SD memory cards which were on special offer at a well known supermarket (T***o).

I have thrown away the packaging - and have only just now decided to use one of them (to store some mp3 tracks).

I was able to save just over 500MB of music on to it - then all attempts to copy more tracks brought up an error message saying "Cannot copy: the directory or file cannot be created". The 'Properties' of the card show 509MB used and 1.34GB supposedly free.

I smell a rat. Is this a fake card - a 512MB labelled as 2GB? Or is there some other reason why it won't accept more data? I can see no obvious signs of shoddy manufacture or dodgy printing on the label. There is a serial number on the back of the card below the Sandisk logo - and a different number shows up when I look at Properties>Hardware. How else can I check the capacity of the card and whether it is genuine?

  Forum Editor 20:01 04 Sep 2010

called H2testw that will check your card and report on its capacity. I'm in a rush at the moment, so no link I'm afraid, but a quick Google search will find it for you.

  rdave13 20:26 04 Sep 2010

First off I don't think that T would even dream to dupe their customers. Possibly they have been duped themselves. Fell for similar with Ebay. 8 Gig flash drive turned out to be 1 Gig. Pity I didn't know about H2testw then.

  br1anstorm 22:29 04 Sep 2010

Thanks for those responses. I haven't yet tried H2testw, but meanwhile I think I may have come across the answer or explanation.

In an eBay review and advice note on fake cards at click here it appears to suggest that if you load files directly on to the root directory of an SD card, there is a limit of about 120 files. So the answer is to create a series of folders, and copy files into folders on the SD card.

I've just tried this, and it resolves the problem. Card clearly is genuine and 2GB (usable capacity 1.83GB) and I have now loaded some 1.4GB of music files - in folders - on to the card.

Hope this might be useful to others who have problems using the full capacity of an SD card.

  Forum Editor 23:36 04 Sep 2010

Format it as FAT 32 and you should have no problems.

  qbie 23:51 04 Sep 2010

Wouldn't it be nicer though for the OS to display a much more meaningful error message.

"This device is Formatted using the FAT16 Filesystem. It has a limit of blah blah blah."

Something I still think all computers could do with improving.

  BT 16:44 05 Sep 2010

Came across this problem some years ago with some early 32mb USB sticks. There was a file limit of 99 files in the root directory. I assume its still a problem but haven't had it recently as I tend to put stuff in folders.

  Dragon_Heart 23:50 05 Sep 2010

On a slightly different tack, I have notice some card readers will not read cards over 2 Gb. iT's not a problem as my camera does have a USB link but has anyone else found this 'problem' ?

  siouxah1 08:15 06 Sep 2010

You might like to look here Br1anstorm.

click here

If you do a search there are many more references.

  natdoor 09:29 06 Sep 2010

Early card readers were compatible with SD cards, which have a maximun capacity of 2GB. These are not compatible with SDHC cards, hence your experience.

  Rockitman 12:23 16 Jan 2011

Unfortunately many of the sellers are unaware what they are doing, buying cheap Chinese wholesale in good faith.
I was duped like this and my response was to start the site click here which has links to free software to download which will check any type of flash memory card and if it is fake give you the proof to confront your vendor with, you will find they act very quickly in your favour with proof in front of their nose!!
There is plenty of information on there too and though it is aimed at SD cards, the software can be used with any type of card.
Good luck and I hope that helps! :)

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