Fake Lloyds TSB Email

  Jameslayer 23:35 11 Dec 2010

Hi just to let people now about a fake lloyds tsb email. I have received one today. It has a llyods banner at the top. Was going to forwards it llyods but can see a email address to send it to on their site.

Dear My emailadress,

This e-mail has been sent to you by LloydsTSB to inform you that your account will be deactivated within the next 48 hours due to several unsuccessful login attemps on your account.

To prevent this to happen please login securely to our activation link below :

click here adress&docale=en_BG_uk

If you have already confirmed your information then please disregard this message.

LloydsTSB security team

  BT 08:25 12 Dec 2010

I get these purporting to be from all sorts of banks none of which I have accounts with. Just delete it and ignore it.

Funny thing is I NEVER get one from my real bank!

  bremner 10:58 12 Dec 2010

I get literally tens of these a week on one of my email accounts (Hotmail).

It is nothing new and count yourself fortunate if this is the first you have received.

International lotteries telling me I have won, Nigerians who want to give me money and medical experts who want to increase the size of a part of my body also regularly contact me.

  spuds 12:46 12 Dec 2010

Like the others have stated, nothing new in this type of activity. Most of the banks 'phishing' me,I have no connection with whatsoever, especially those in America.

PayPal can be just as bad, but the URL is usually the instant giveaway?.

  wolfie3000 11:26 14 Dec 2010

Its gaming websites trying to phish me,
Trying to get WoW account details even though I dont play WoW.

Also had a few from so say Perfect World International trying to get my login details,

Iv known a couple of people who have fallen for these gaming phishing attempts and when they log into the game all there gear is gone.

So years of work gone in an instant.

  interzone55 15:04 14 Dec 2010

On a similar note, anyone with a Facebook account watch out for emails purporting to be messages from friends.

Before you click on the reply button and check the hyperlink, it should be to facebook.com, if it's anything other than that delete the email and simply log into your facebook account and check your messages there...

  iscanut 16:04 14 Dec 2010

I won 4.2 million euros last week in a grand euro lottery. Very odd as I have not bought a ticket !!! Had to phone a man in Spain to verify my bank details. I am still poor as did not take the offer up.

  interzone55 16:10 14 Dec 2010

But not quite as poor as you would have been had you taken up the offer :-)

  Jameslayer 02:20 15 Dec 2010

I cant get access to my wow account which I stopped playing several years ago. So I am guessing I clicked on a bad link. :(

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