Fake goods on .co.uk web sites

  octal 22:18 03 Sep 2011

Just a general question. There is a web site that is selling fake goods, the goods are sent from Taiwan, the goods are offered through a .co.uk web site. If I'm not mistaken this seems like a loophole as they probably don't come under the distance selling regulations. There are no contact details on the web site, only the usual form to fill in, but doing a whois trace on the web site reveals a registrants address.

My question is, is it worth telling Trading Standards of this scam? And what other party would be interested in knowing about it? And would a Registrant be liable for the activities on the web site?

Thankfully, I haven't fallen for any scam like this because I'm always weary of sites that don't give proper contact details, like an address, but I do know a party who has and it's not just the loss of money but the disappointment of receiving substandard goods, especially when kids are involved.

  Kevscar1 07:18 04 Sep 2011

I would inform them. UK sites must by law provide contact details on the site. May stop others getting scammed.

  interzone55 09:41 04 Sep 2011

Probably an idea to inform someone at the company who makes the real goods as well.

The European legislation coming into force seems to a stemmed from action taken by the luxury goods manufacturer LVMH against Ebay for the sale of fake perfumes on the site

  octal 11:02 04 Sep 2011


That's a good point, the company that are producing the fake goods are Disney products, seeing as Disney are a global company with lots of money then they won't be best please at losing revenue.

I will pass on all your comments to the person concerned, as they are on another forum.

I'm not sure if I should put a link into the site concerned at the moment without guidance from the FE, I don't want to get this site into trouble if the published site take umbridge, although the link has been published on the other forum.

  Forum Editor 12:15 04 Sep 2011

"UK sites must by law provide contact details on the site."

Yes, but that's not much help when a trader gets hold of a .co.uk domain name and runs it on a server in South Korea.

  Forum Editor 12:18 04 Sep 2011

"..the company that are producing the fake goods are Disney products"

I'm sure you didn't mean to say that. I imagine you meant 'The goods being offered are fake Disney products'.

As for publishing a link to the site concerned, I would prefer that you didn't do that, and thanks for asking. We don't want to provide free advertising for anyone in such circumstances.

  octal 13:06 04 Sep 2011

'The goods being offered are fake Disney products'

That is what I meant to say, thanks.

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