Fair price for this listing?

  rickf 14:34 06 Feb 2011

Just listed this on eBay for my son. Do you think it's a fair asking price or shall I revise.

click here

  961 15:18 06 Feb 2011

Two points

You don't say how old the computer is

Secondly, I think you need to leave the operating system intact. "Negotiate with Microsoft" seems a no-no to me

It should be possible to wipe all but the operating system but if you don't want to risk that, sell it with a wiped hard disk, no o/s

  rickf 15:57 06 Feb 2011

Perhaps I was'nt clear. Will leave OS intact but sometimes people have to reinstall then they might have to contact MS to reactivate.

  961 16:04 06 Feb 2011

That didn't come across to me

Why don't you wipe the disk now and then say..

Complete with working Windows XP and system disc

If the computer is fully working and has the Windows disk then surely what happens later is not your problem

Again, suggest you state age

  rickf 16:22 06 Feb 2011

Done. I just didn't want any hassles after sale.

  961 16:54 06 Feb 2011

I understand that

Why don't you wipe the disk now, ensure the o/s is still fully working and then say...

320Gb hard drive with working Windows XP o/s installed

Windows XP o/s disk included

As to price, see how it goes. You can always list it again at a lower price if it doesn't sell

  spuds 17:32 06 Feb 2011

Let it run and see how many hits you have. You could perhaps revise the price midway, if responses are poor.

Perhaps a bit of criticism on the photos, because they are not showing much. You also appear to have a monitor screen showing, whats the betting that someone will ask you if the monitor is part of the 'combo' deal. No monitor and keyboard might be worth mentioning?.

  Forum Editor 17:36 06 Feb 2011

It's not necessary to say anything about reactivation. All you're doing is selling a computer with a working operating system and the Installation DVD. You're perfectly entitled to do that under the terms of the Windows EULA.

Microsoft doesn't care who uses the software as long as it is activated. If the new owner needs to reactivate it at some point in the future it's nothing to do with you.

  rickf 18:20 06 Feb 2011

Thanks people for the input. will mention, no monitor and keyboard

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