failure by company to respond to refund applicatio

  packman 9 19:14 07 Jul 2004

I do not know if this is the right place to ask for help, but here goes. A few months ago,I joined a supposedly reputable organisation.A product of that company,paid for,(130$),was never produced.I asked for refund,and all I got was various excuses,and no money.Is there any organisation I can get in touch with that can help me? Is there anyone who has or is going through this type of fraud and has got the answer. MANY THANKS PACKMAN9

  Diodorus Siculus 19:28 07 Jul 2004

Your credit card company may be able to help... I take it that the purchase is outside the UK? If so, it may be difficult to get redress.

  spuds 19:43 07 Jul 2004

As suggested by DS, take the matter up with your credit card company asap.

  packman 9 19:55 07 Jul 2004

sorry to mention but I do not use credit cards.The transaction was by western union cash.I must say this company does have a british address, but so far I`ve not been able to find it. THANKS PACKMAN9

  Diodorus Siculus 19:59 07 Jul 2004

Do you want to name the company and someone may be able to help. Or have a look at companies house website: click here if they are a british company.

  Forum Editor 20:03 07 Jul 2004

For a fraud to exist you must show that the other party deliberately took your money with no intention of providing the goods - and I doubt that you could do that.

You say that this is a "supposedly reputable organisation" and that leads me to believe that they are fairly well-known. Why don't you provide us with a little more detail - it will not harm your case in any way, and may enable us to be more helpful. Just tell us:

1. The organisation's name.

2. The nature of the goods you ordered.

3. When you ordered them, and when you first contacted the organisation about non-delivery.

4. The 'excuses' you have been given.

If you're not keen to do that then I suggest you:-

Write to the organisation by special delivery (not recorded post). Address your letter to the company secretary if it's a PLC company, or to the chief executive if it's not. Tell them that unless they deliver the goods or refund your money within seven days of the date of your letter you will take immediate action against them via the small claims court, without further reference to them.

The fact that you quoted the cost of the goods in American dollars indicates that the organisation might be based in America. If that's the case there is not going to be much you can do - action in the American courts just would be difficult, protracted, and would not be cost-effective for an order worth $130.

  rickf 20:21 07 Jul 2004

Bit late now but the rule is to never pay cash via western union or any such similar means.

  packman 9 20:31 07 Jul 2004

The company in question is now known as Pay-ace,a combination of two organisations,Privy-pay & champay. The article I paid for was a virtual credit card for use on the IT.excuses given was that banks were reluctant to give too many of these cards, that despite a written promise of a card within the space of a few days,it was then explained that a few days meant upto two months. THANKS PACKMAN9

  spuds 00:34 08 Jul 2004

Is this the company click here If so, it would appear as though it is run via some affiliate schemes like click here

Made a check regarding British address, but will not have information till later today.Did you not receive any official confirmation of registered address's!.

  spuds 12:33 08 Jul 2004

Received a little information for you. No British registeration under the titles given. All three domain names active: Pay-Ace click here Privy-Pay click here Champay click here

You may find this interesting click here Note the Latvia bit!.

  wee eddie 13:40 08 Jul 2004

I cannot find where your "reputable organisation" bit came from.

All three sites appear to be close to standard scams, with almost the unbelievable benefits for only $10 per month scenario.

I regret to say this but you can probably kiss your 130$'s. Sorry!

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