Failed HDD, returns and my rights :)

  ChapeLu 23:54 08 May 2009


Couldn't find better place to post so hopefully someone will find it here and be able to answer my questions.

There are two separate things to ask but most important first:

I recently bought WD Caviar Black 1TB from Scan, after installation and coping all my stuff into it next day I realised that some files are unreadable, windows wouldn't open them. I scheduled check disk to have a go and after restart it reported 4 bad block on it, did full scan with HD Tune:

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

I it showed some damaged block on it (red dot), still says 0.0% bad block on it but that's probably because there are not many of them on disk compared to size of it.

I called Scan to return it and asked if there is anything I need to do different to what I done already and the guy said no, just to send it to them.

Citylink came and picked it up, two days later checking status of my RMA showed me that the drive was check by them and It's not faulty. They charged me £25 for restocking and pickup. Now I have a screen shot to prove that I did check my disk and found it faulty, did not take picture of check disk as I had no camera at that moment. When I wrote to them and said that I expect full refund as I found the drive to be fault they never replied, it's been two days now. Still did not get any money of them, planing to call them on Monday. Is there anything I can do ? Like asking for the proof that disk was check by the engineer? Surely they should be able to provide me with it as I don't believe it was checked properly.

Second thing that just came to my mind as my friends HDD died as well. He got the replacement but with warranty only for remaining time of disk it was replacing. Shouldn't new drive come with new warranty ? As it is new drive not fixed old one ?


  Stuartli 00:08 09 May 2009

I've used Scan for many, many years and, on one or two occasions I've visited them with what has been found to be a faulty product (usually a motherboard).

These have been checked out very thoroughly by the on-site employee responsible for such tasks and there has never been a quibble about a replacement after the check.

As for warranties, replacement items are normally guaranteed for the remainder of the existing warranty no matter where you buy them.

  oresome 16:34 09 May 2009

I may be wrong but I thought the odd bad block was acceptable on a disk, just as the odd pixel not working is deemed acceptable on a TV screen.

But if this is the case, you'd expect the retailer to say so when you phoned.

I think getting the remainder of the original warranty on a replacement item is normal. At a place like Argos, where you're often given the choice of a replacement or your money back, it's better to get the money and repurchase the item with a full guarantee.

  Stuartli 18:22 09 May 2009

>>At a place like Argos, where you're often given the choice of a replacement or your money back, it's better to get the money and repurchase the item with a full guarantee.>>

Since I bought a microwave at Argos a year last January, it has been replaced twice, including about two months ago when it was clearly outside the guarantee period.

Each time Argos staff cheerfully provided a brand new replacement and, in both cases, although the model number was the same, the catalogue price was considerably more (the first purchase was on offer at half price).

So, if I had elected to get my money back the first time, I would have then had to double it to buy a new one with full guarantee and two-and-a-half times in the case of the second replacement...:-)

  citadel 21:43 09 May 2009

if it is found fault free do they not send it back to you. I sent a graphics card back for testing to scan and they found it ok and sent it back to me. there was no charge.

  WolframBlitzen 22:07 10 May 2009

Generally, where I work, we say that if there is a bad sector on the drive then the drive is faulty. A bad sector IS a fault, and it's not like an LCD screen where, unless it's a class 1 screen, you should expect stuck pixles.

If you can proove that the drive was faulty by showing them a picture oif a readscan from a program such as seatools, then they don't have a leg to stand on and shouldn't charge you.

Scan are notorious for being difficult to contact. All you can do with those guys is keep hounding them until you get an answer. Have you tried calling them on thier customer service number which is 01204474700 ?

  ChapeLu 13:20 11 May 2009

Quick update, they refunded me money for the drive, droped restocking fee but charged for pickup. I guess I'll leave it as it is.

I agree that bad sector is a fault, I've lost some files from that drive, they were only copies from my old one but stil it shouldn't happen on new drive. Drive was 5 days old so I see no reason not to class 4 bad sectors as the fault if that means losing your data.


  oresome 16:01 11 May 2009

Glad you got it sorted.

My comments were made on the experience of changing just one hard drive!

I seem to recall though that the utiliy I used checked the new drive and mapped out any defective sectors before data was transfered so there was no question of losing any.

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