EZcool - who are they?

  ame 18:51 19 Dec 2010

Just ordered this new pc for my son from Chillblast click here to play games on which has an EZcool case and psu. Thought I'd wait and get a better OCZ or Corsair psu after the 2 year warranty runs out and the graphics card needs updated. Now beginning to wonder about the psu quality and cannot find a website for EZcool which shows their products. Who are these guys??

  Woolwell 19:32 19 Dec 2010

Took one quick Google search click here. Taiwanese company.

  ame 21:26 19 Dec 2010

Thanks Woolwell. I googled their name and products quite a few times and failed miserably to find their website. Still can't see a 700w psu on it though! Hmmmm....comments about their psu's on the web seem backed up by their poor website.

  GaT7 23:50 19 Dec 2010

I can confirm that EZcool is a budget-based PSU manufacturer. It would be best to go for a better quality PSU now rather than later. G

  ame 09:22 20 Dec 2010

Thanks Crossbow7. That's what I was thinking, but was unsure how much wattage I'd need to be future-proof in case of doubling up on graphics cards etc, and money is a bit tight just now.

  Kim Jong-il 16:30 04 Jan 2011

I too have ordered one, however i upgraded the case, to an Antec 902, the Speakers, Creative A500 and the Monitor, BenQ G2024HD, still awaiting delivery though. All together its pretty good deal, i would say better than others on their website in that price bracket. Though i must admit to be a bit concerned about the PSU, so i emailed them to inquire about it. They responded and explained how it has a peak output of 700w which can only be sustained for a couple of seconds, while its actuall consistant output is around 70% of this figure. Should i be worried about the potential of this PSU dying and taking £1200+ of my beloved PC with it?

  GaT7 16:45 04 Jan 2011

Kim Jong-il, what's your PC spec like? It should be OK as long as you don't have a monster graphics card, or do too much overclocking.

"They responded and explained how it has a peak output of 700w which can only be sustained for a couple of seconds, while its actual consistent output is around 70% of this figure."

That's one of the reasons I keep advising buyers to get a quality PSU instead. Even if the latter is lower in quoted wattage, it'll be good-excellent at maintaining that figure & be more energy-efficient as well. G

  Kim Jong-il 22:00 04 Jan 2011

Crossbow7, My PC specs are; Intel i7 950 3.06GHz, Samsung F1 1TB HDD, XFX Radeon 5850, 6GB DDR3 Ram - 1333Mhz, Samsung Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Drive Asus P6X58D-E Motherboard and some extra stuff, but that draws minimal power so i wont include it here. Basically it all works fine with a reasonable amount of headroom. Its important to note that chillblast will only let you upgrade your chosen product to the extent that it still works with your chosen PSU. Also, lots of people seem to be complaining about EZCool PSU's messing up there computer, im pretty sure this is because they are buying them assuming that they can reach the full 700W advertised, (Which i think is quite misleading of the company) Then they complain when there system brakes, luckly chillblast and other suppliers make sure that it not only suitable for each PC but stress check it to make sure that it can cope with demand over time. The only problem using an EZCool PSU is that it might not have some of the fancy features as more expensive PSU (Though it does have surge and ripple protection), and that if you are thinking of adding another graphics card, you are probably going to need to upgrade the PSU. Hope i could help.

  Kim Jong-il 22:03 04 Jan 2011

I did some extensive reasearch on that, oh and sorry about the lack of formatting, i typed it ALL on my PS3 browser... with a controller... took me 20mins :'(

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