External HDD

  ashfanman 18:42 28 Feb 2009

Hi, just wondering if anyone can help.

I'm looking to buy an external hard drive for my laptop, as the internal storage is just 40GB.

I'm after around 250GB (although a bit less would be fine), in a relatively small and well-made product, without spending too much.

However, I'm really worried because I've read so many stories about people having their drives crash without warning and losing all the data. So my primary concern is reliability.

I've found a few that look promising (see below) - does anyone have any suggestions?

LaCie 320GB Mobile - £57
click here

Iomega 250GB - £55
click here

Western Digital 250GB Passport - £55
click here=

Buffalo 250GB MiniStation Turbo - £50
click here

Freecom Mobile XXS 320GB - £60
click here

TrekStor DataStation 250GB - £70
click here

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  Demora 19:10 28 Feb 2009

I have a 250GB Freecom external HD and never had a problem with it over the last 3 years. Its on most of the time too.

Also I have contacted Freecom in the UK via Email for my DTV usb stick and they got back to me in a couple of hours. Also sent me the part the next day.

I also made my own external HD for a laptop from a 2.5 USB case and a hard drive from an old laptop.


  ICF 20:06 28 Feb 2009

What about this click here

  Chas49 21:02 28 Feb 2009

The Lacie External is Ok - I have two of this make, the first (250 gig)over two years, on most of each day - the second about 6 months (500 gig). No moans about either.

  SB23 21:12 28 Feb 2009

I've got a Seagate from here, click here, used every day with no problems.

  iscanut 21:28 28 Feb 2009

I have used Maxtor drives for a number of years without any probles as well as Lacie & WD. All have been very reliable.

  Starfox 12:50 01 Mar 2009

I had 2 external hard drives, a LaCie and a Toshiba.
The Toshiba packed in after 2 years and the LaCie is still going strong after 8 years use.

So for my recommendation it has to be the LaCie.

  Stuartli 15:58 01 Mar 2009

Scan is offering a number of external hard drvies on its TodayOnly page at present:

click here (about half way down the page).

These prices are usually reduced substantially for a short period over the normal cost.

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