External HD Backup software

  phil.smith 13:43 21 Jan 2007

Is there a programme (free if possible) to backup my HD to an external HD which will overwrite previous updates (or is this not a good idea)?

I have Acronis True Image at the moment - this does incremental backups but obviously each new increment is an extra file.

  smokingbeagle 14:57 21 Jan 2007

click here

Synctoy from MS may be suitable.

  phil.smith 17:27 21 Jan 2007

Thanks smokingbeagle. Synctoy appears only to be able to backup individual files and not the full hard drive.
Thanks anyway.

  freaky 17:29 21 Jan 2007

As you have Acronis then why not continue to use it, it's an excellent program.

I had True Image V8, but recently upgraded to Acronis True Image Home V10. I periodically clone my HD to the external HD...each time a new clone is created, then it automatically deletes the previous one. If the HD on the PC is U/S then you can clone from the external HD to the new HD and everything is back to normal.

In fact a few months ago I realised my HD was malfunctioning, and that is what I did.

To clone a 160GB capacity HD takes about 18 minutes.

  phil.smith 17:35 21 Jan 2007

Thanks freaky. What is the difference between a clone and a full backup image please? Should I have both and periodically use incremental backups?



  freaky 18:55 21 Jan 2007

Hi phil.smith.....A clone is an exact copy (duplicate) of your HD.

A full backup image is similar, and can be used to restore files that were damaged/deleted etc.

Personally I prefer to clone to the external, then if something goes wrong on the HD you can reformat it, then use Acronis which will then be on the external HD to clone to the reformatted HD, you are then back to normal. If the cause of the initial problem was the HD, then you still have the clone intact on the external drive.

If the PC had a serious problem i.e. the MOB had to be replaced etc you still have everything intact on the external.

  phil.smith 19:21 21 Jan 2007

My only problem is - what does it mean when Acronis says "you will have to remove your old hard drive after cloning"? What you suggest is exactly what I need.

  freaky 20:30 21 Jan 2007

Please supply the following information:-

a) Capacity of your HD
b) How much of it is used
c) Capacity of the external HD
d) Which version of Acronis do you have.

Quote "My only problem is - what does it mean when Acronis says "you will have to remove your old hard drive after cloning"?

Acronis states the above because it is assuming you will be removing it, you do not have to remove it!

Please answer the above questions before you proceed further.

  phil.smith 20:43 21 Jan 2007

160gb HD - about 30gb used
320gb Ext HD

Acronis v 7.0 build 638

many thanks


  freaky 20:58 21 Jan 2007

Hi phil, thanks for the reply. Will reply tomorrow.

  freaky 09:32 22 Jan 2007

Your hardware is ok for cloning as you have plenty of capacity i.e. the external drive has 320GB free space to store the 30GB on your HD.

There might be a problem with Acronis as you have an old version. I have cloned OK using V8.0 and now with the latest version Acronis True Image Home V10.0, but have not used V7.0.

Suggest therefore that you purchase and download V10.0 because it runs quicker and has additional tools. I bought it from them Nov 06 for £27.25 including their extended download service.

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