External hard drives

  David_LondonW 22:58 22 Mar 2008

I am looking for an external hard drive which is inexpensive (preferably less than £80) and either portable or at least reasonably compact*, capacity between 300 and 500GB.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I had been looking at the Maxtor One Touch 4 500GB, but I've read some very bad user reviews; also looking at the Iomega USB 2.0 360GB. Any comments from anyone who has used either of these would be especially welcome.

*when I say compact, the Maxtor One Touch 4 500GB has dimensions of 63mm x 149mm x 171mm, which would be fine.

  FatboySlim71 23:29 22 Mar 2008

For a hard drive for ultimate portability, then I would recommend the Western Digital Passport, I have owned one for 3 years or so and its never let me down (I use mine mainly for transferring programs etc onto my friends PC and vice versa), it is primarily designed for Laptops and as such is powered via the USB cable. Here is a link for some reviews on it.
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If on the other hand you are wanting a good external hard drive then in my opinion I would recommend that you make your own, this can be done by purchasing a hard disk drive and a caddie aka hard drive enclosure. This is very easy to do and will in most cases work out cheaper than buying a ready made one. I recently made my own external hard drive so as I would be able to take regular backups of my PC, I was able to source a SATA hard drive caddie which results in a much faster read/write rate than you would get from either USB or firewire connection. I will provide a link below to the site where I purchased mine from.

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Here is the caddie enclosure that I got.
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Here is the range of caddies they stock.
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I have bought in the past ready made up external hard drives but I think the ones that you make up yourself are a lot better alternative.

  gazzaho 02:57 23 Mar 2008

I would agree with FatboySlim71 on making your own as I recently had to rescue two Freecom Classic 250GB drives from death with Icy Box hard drive enclosures, both drives in the freecom cases were standard IDE hard drives and only took minutes to install in the new enclosures... It actually took longer to remove them from the Freecom cases!

Any external hard drives I use in the future will be my own creations LOL.

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