external hard drives

  Sparkb 08:46 05 Sep 2007

I am trying t o find out which is the best to buy for my husband. He wants it for back up of work and club records and later maybe vidio camera recordings. I understand that smaller than 250 do not have a power source but are connected via USB and are much quicker. Is this correct. Is bigger always better? Am I best to go for a 500 one with a power plug?

  wee eddie 09:08 05 Sep 2007

Size doesn't really matter that much until he starts adding the Video Recordings which can use a lot of space. If he's a budding Spielberg, go for the biggest you can afford.

Those that are not Mains Powered have a horrible habit of requiring more power than the PC has available, through the USB circuit, when other USB equipment is in use at the same time. They work OK but I think that Mains Power has the edge.

You may wish to discover whether the EHDD has a Fire Wire, as well as USB, connection as this is frequently used by Video Cameras.

  holme 10:12 05 Sep 2007

Sparkb - We were just about to ask the same question and you beat us to it. Nice one!

wee eddy - Thanks for that splendid advice. :-)

  wjrt 10:49 05 Sep 2007

as has been mentioned in other threads it might be cheaper to buy a caddy/hard drive enclosure and an internal hard drive
click here

  scotty 11:03 05 Sep 2007

There are really two main types of drive, 2.5" and 3.5". 2.5" drives use drives designed for use in notebooks. These tend to have lower capacity and be slower. However, they are much more portable and normally do not require an external power supply (they take the power from the USB connection). 3.5" drives use HDD designed for use in a desktop computer. They are faster and are cheaper. On the downside, they are larger and require an external power supply. My recommendation would be to use 2.5" drive if you will frequently carry it about (e.g from work to home) but to consider a 3.5" drive if you need the speed, higher capacity, reduced cost and have the HDD siting in one place most of the time.

  g0nvs 12:13 05 Sep 2007

Maplins have on offer at the moment for a Freecom external HDD @ 320gb. Just bought one & works perfectly for my needs.Reduced by £40 to £59.99.

  pj123 12:48 05 Sep 2007

I have one of these adapters on each of my 2 computers:

click here

They allow me to be able to connect anything IDE and SATA.

One of the best buys of mine for a long time.

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