External Hard DRive whats the best..?

  barca1 12:54 14 Apr 2008

Hi all i am after a 500 or 750 gig external hard drive but not sure what to get.? like the "Seagate FreeAgent 750gig" is @ £109 from pc world but the reviews on one website are AMAZING then on another there blandish..? anyone got any idea through personal experiance please..?

  jack 14:20 14 Apr 2008

All the main makes- Seagate/Samsung/etc
are much of a muchness when running and I have found delving and head scratching over this feature or that rather unproductive.
You may as well go stick a pin in a list.

  GaT7 15:35 14 Apr 2008

500Gb external £60 & above: click here

750Gb external £88 & above:

Cheapest 750Gb I could find Maxtor 750Gb OneTouch 4 click here = £88.11 (free deliveryclick here).

More at click here


  GaT7 15:50 14 Apr 2008

Sorry, the correct link for the Maxtor 750Gb deal is click here. G

  Crash 16:13 14 Apr 2008

I have a seagate freeagent go drive and apart from the ceedo software that comes with it (it can be a bit annoying sometimes) I am very pleased with it. I even bought another one for my girlfriend so she can backup her photos.

  barca1 17:10 14 Apr 2008

ok guys that was a great responce many thankx for yout time!! ive got a much better idea!!

  ened 17:46 14 Apr 2008

I purchased a Seagate Freeagent 750 gig last year and I am pleased with it except that it comes pre-installed with Memeo Autobackup.

This did not function properly and the response from Memeo was: 'Install latest Version'.

In the end their last response was : "We are aware of this issue and are working on a solution".

When I dared to enquire when the solution might be made available I was basically told I would be informed when they were ready.

I have never been informed, but I now use it with my new Vista machine and it is very good, especially as it has an ESata connection.

  jack 19:35 14 Apr 2008

As mentioned sometimes if you buy a 'Ready Made' extra stuff comes with it which is either something you would rather not have or does not work very well.
So go buy a bare drive to size and a Caddy-
Better value for the money.

  FatboySlim71 22:35 14 Apr 2008

I totally agree with jack. I had bought ready made drives in the past, but recently I made my own, by purchasing a caddy (hard drive enclosure) and then choosing the brand and size of the hard drive. IMO there a lot better alternative to buying ready made.

barca1, I thought you may find the below post interesting.

click here

  €dstowe 07:37 15 Apr 2008

I've recently had two 500GB WD "Mybook" external drives fail on me. Both were only about six months old

I'm going back to putting my own drives in caddies as per jack and FatboySlim71.

  AlanHo 22:44 15 Apr 2008

I recently bought an Antec MX1 eSATA enclosure and Western Digital 640 GB SATA Hard Drive for a total of £113 from Overclockers. You can of course fit any SATA HD of your choosing.

If you have a SATA enabled motherboard and a spare slot in the back of the computer this gives you data transfer speeds as fast as an internal hard drive. It makes my USB2 external drive look very slow in comparison.

The Antec enclosure is equipped with a very quiet cooling fan and comes complete with a single eSATA port adaptor card and eSATA connecting lead.

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