External hard drive - advice please

  EFC1878 22:42 11 Jul 2006

As Iam running out of disk space and I do video editing I am looking to buy an external hard drive and would like some advice.

In trying to gauge what I want I am thinking of a size between 160-250gb but would like advice on:

a) cache size. Some are 2mb others are 8mb. Is this essential?

b) rpm most are 7200 so I guess that may be the standard

c) should I go for usb? or firewire 1394?

d) what make would you advise? Western DIgital? Lacie? Seagate? Freecom?

Thanks in anticipation

  wee eddie 23:09 11 Jul 2006

I assume that you are formatted to NFTS.

I have just bought the Western Digital with the Media Card Reader attached but have only been using it and Dantz for two months and therefor not really able to comment.

My previous Maxtor X5000 lasted for 4 years before the kitten nudged it too close to the edge of the desk. I managed to recover almost everything, I think, but it was never the same again after that meter jump onto the carpet! So I replaced it.

Go for one with both types of connection, you may be able to download direct from your Camera. There are some 5400's out there and there are those faster than 7200, but probably quite pricey. Speed makes a big difference when transferring large files, so I have been told.

  ade.h 23:21 11 Jul 2006

A) The bigger, the better with large transfers. The internal drives in my desktop have 16MB buffers.

B) Whatever you can get within budget. 5400rpm is what you usually get with the 2.5" drives. Most 3.5s probably run at 7200, not that I've looked at them; I'm about to buy a 2.5.

C) USB runs at up to 480Mbits per second. Firewire 400 runs at - obviously - up to 400Mbits per sec. So the choice must really be down to compatability.

D) I'm about to by a LaCie, which looks very good. Its reputation is second to none, it seems.

  EFC1878 23:36 11 Jul 2006

Have you a link to the Lacie that you intend to buy?

Also with the formatting I assume that it is relatively straightforward to format the disk. Am I right in thinking that non-NFTS has a 4gb file size limit? In which case I must be NFTS

  ade.h 23:50 11 Jul 2006

Why yes I have! click here That's the best 2.5" spec that I have seen at that kind of price, without making compromises.

  ade.h 23:52 11 Jul 2006

Oh, and yes, you're right on both counts; formatting is easy - do it via the Disk Management console as you would normally - and NTFS is best unless you might need to use the drive with a Win 9x OS, which can't read NTFS.

  peonfilms 02:40 12 Jul 2006

I use Seagate drives both internal and external for backup and have never encountered any problems. I think you can pick up a 300G Seagate for less than £120 now. Bargain.

  anskyber 11:13 12 Jul 2006

I have a 250 gig but it does have an external power supply, good because the unit does not get very hot.
I have found it to be excellent and simple to format to NTFS.

  anskyber 11:18 12 Jul 2006

Sorry, forgot to add that it is USB and writes acceptably quickly.

  EFC1878 19:21 12 Jul 2006

Spoilt for choice...

Is it worth paying that extra for a firewire/usb combo?

My intention is to hook the pc to my pc and capture using the pc hardrive then trnasfer it over to my eternal drive to do the editing and storage.

I have seen this on offer any thoughts?click here

  wee eddie 21:06 12 Jul 2006

after you have done the editing. USB or Firewire would act as a choke point.

Just use the External Drive for Storage and playing.

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