External Hard Drive

  lester1 23:48 11 Dec 2005

Anyone got info on good kit/deals

  pj123 15:03 12 Dec 2005
  Totally-braindead 15:26 12 Dec 2005

I had a spare 40 gig Seagate from my old PC lying about so bought an external enclosure for £20.45 click here only got it today and the instructions were a bit sketchy I thought but it works perfectly, very pleased with it. Theres no picture of it yet so I wasn't sure what colour it was, its basically aluminium very nice solid feel with light blue plastic sides and a light blue plastic cradle for it to sit in sideways and 2 leds at the front to show power on and drive reading/writing and a power switch on the back. Comes with driver CD and a USB cable and power supply. Usual Novatech quality unit and a good idea if you have an old hard drive lying about.

  lester1 23:02 12 Dec 2005

Thanks plenty to choose from not sure if I am able to decide which are good or bad!

I want to use it mainly for back up my internal hard drive which is 160gig, but the ability to store piccys and music as well appeals.

Thought about 200 gig for the external.

Totally-braindead, thanks for that but I do not have an old drive to use

  Totally-braindead 12:26 13 Dec 2005

Fair enough, also have a look here click here and here click here for large drives and for smaller ones click here=

  Mavericke 13:06 13 Dec 2005

Sorry for being stupid but I do notice that most of the external HDDs are running on ATA. Is it possible for me to buy an Internal SATA HDD and buy an enclosure for it to run on usb2?

  lester1 13:20 13 Dec 2005

Thanks for your help

  Totally-braindead 13:26 13 Dec 2005

You shouldn't really jump into someone elses thread Mavericke it would have been better to start your own thread but since you asked yes just get something like this click here notice there are 2 types SATA and normal, if you want to use a SATA drive you need a SATA enclosure. I have to stress although I have SATA setup in a RAID configuration I have never tried this so do not know if it has problems. I bought this last week and use an old Seagate 40 gig IED in it and it worked fine click here nice silver unit with light blue trim as it happens, no picture unfortunatly but very fast providing you have USB 2.0

  Totally-braindead 13:26 13 Dec 2005

Sorry lester1.

  €dstowe 14:42 13 Dec 2005

I have my external drives made in a Belkin enclosure with a standard Maxtor IDE drive.

I've had two commecial exteranl drives in the past - both of which have failed on me. On looking inside, in both cases, the drive was a cheapo unbranded type with no ID whatever. For the price I paid for the two, I could have had three DIY ones.

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