Extended Guarantee - Appliance Care Package?

  Graham. 09:26 12 May 2007

The likes of Comet don't push these on you so much these days, at the point of sale. But I get letters from other retailers and manufacturers a year later.

This morning it's for a fridge freezer. For a measly £13.99 a month or a single payment of £139.99 they will look after it for 4 years. A bargain? I don't think so.

  Forum Editor 10:01 12 May 2007

It depends.

My wife and I habitually insure all our kitchen appliances - everything comes from John Lewis - and as far back as I can remember we haven't paid the full price for anything. The appliances are replaced under the scheme if any repair is considered uneconomic by the insurer.

Over the years we've saved many hundreds of pounds.

  v1asco 10:07 12 May 2007

I know these guarantees can be thought of as a waste of time, I am away a lot (8 months of the year) and for peace of mind for my wife (and getting a reliable service engineer is not always possible) I use them.

Domestic and General charge of £99 for 4 years, half of the manufactures charge.

  Graham. 13:13 12 May 2007

When you say 'insure' can I assume you have insurance for all your kitchen appliances together? That would seem a better option than taking up these 'offers'.

  spuds 13:16 12 May 2007

Domestic and General are very good, and in many cases they supply services and breakdown cover to some major manufacturers and retailers. You may find that the renewal notice is one sent out by D&G. Going direct can or should be able to save some money. click here click here

Norwich Union use to have similar 'cut-price' renewal breakdown cover, but I haven't seen much advertising lately.

  Forum Editor 14:05 12 May 2007

They're all covered by Domestic and General, who have provided a superb service. Each appliance is the subject of a separate cover though.

  Graham. 14:37 12 May 2007

Thanks, I'll look into that. My house insurance is with Direct Line, I'll see if they can offer a better deal by including Appliance cover.

  Belatucadrus 23:52 12 May 2007

I remember Alan Sugar saying what a swindle extended warranties were on electrical goods, he reckoned that most electrical goods that would fail prematurely was likely to go in the first year and as such would be under normal warranty. If it survived a year it would probably last a lot longer.
I can't stand the man, but in this instance I'll treat it as a tip from the horses mouth.
Last store that tried to sell me an extended warranty was Tempo about three months before they went bust, as none of their policies were independently underwritten that would have been cash down the drain.

  Stuartli 00:37 13 May 2007

If you put the cost of an extended warranty towards a Miele washing machine, fridge, freezer or similar appliance from the company rather than the cheap and cheerful equivalents, you won't need to worry about the product breaking down...:-)

In any case most of its washing machine products are guaranteed for up to 10 years for parts and labour.

Even when our now four-year-old Miele washing machine is on full spin mode you can stand a 50p piece on its edge on the top surface.

  Graham. 09:45 13 May 2007

The fridge freezer they want to cover is a Servis M7554-1FF click here £261.02. Not a Miele I grant you, but not expensive to replace.

Price was not the governing factor when I bought it, it had to fit in the gap available, and accomodate a 5 gallon home-brew barrel.

  Stuartli 11:07 13 May 2007

Such products are probably more reliable than washing machines and similar appliances.

The main point is (and backed up by that well known consumer magazine) is that extended warranties are generally a waste of money.

Better to save the annual cost of one and put it towards any necessary replacement if and when the need arises.

However, the comments above about D and G being an excellent insurance company are perfectly valid.

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