Exploding iPods

  WolframBlitzen 19:53 05 Aug 2009

Hi everyone! :)

I’m sure that we all remember the major and potentially lethal problem a few years back with Apple, Sony and Dell laptops that all used one particular Sony battery. The battery would overheat (Caused by a short circuit in the battery unit or one of the cells) catch fire then would explode as each cell in the battery vented and blew out.

It would seem the problem has come back again but this time it’s with Apple’s iPods

Read the following article

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What absolutely SHOCKED me was that Apple basically said “Okay, you can have your refund as long as you never tell anybody what happened” What the HELL are they thinking?! iPods generally get carried around in your pocket, if one of those explodes in your pocket, that will do serious harm or worse, could kill you (depending where the device is kept, of course) and yet Apple don’t want people to be made aware of this problem.

Most small devices we use now Use lithium-polymer batteries. You can easily find out what your small devices are using by looking at the battery pack. If it says “Li-Polymer” then it’s one of them. You’re probably already aware that they are nothing to be afraid of but here are some safety tips for those that don’t know them already:-

Always use the charger designed for that specific battery
Never charge a Lithium battery at a rate faster that advised
Never overcharge a lithium battery
Never short circuit a lithium battery
Never Pierce a Lithium battery
If a Lithium battery becomes too hot to touch when charging, switch it off immediately and, if safe to do so, put it into a solid container (a metal cake tin is fine as long as none of the contactors get shorted) put it away from people, cars and furniture (outside, preferably) Remember, rechargeable batteries DO get warm when they are charging, but you should till be able to grab hold of it under normal circumstances
If a lithium battery becomes hot while in use, even if the device is on standby mode, then do the same as above
If a lithium battery starts hissing or smoking, GET AWAY FROM IT as fast as you can. Try and keep people and animals away from the device.
If a lithium battery catches fire or explodes, STAY AWAY. They usually have more than one cell so there will be more than one explosion

If you do decide to try and fight the fire you need to remember this is a metal fire, so water is dangerous, carbon dioxide won’t work too well, I’m not sure of the effects of foam so wouldn’t recommend it, but powder should be okay. You need to dump something onto the fire; The powder from a powder-filled fire extinguisher, soil, sand, or anything that won’t burn.

Stay safe people!

-The Wolf

  six-h 15:00 07 Aug 2009

the most effective extinguishant for class "D" (metal fires) that might be to hand is dry cement powder.
But as WolframBlitzen says, best to stay away, and call in the Pros.

  WolframBlitzen 17:59 07 Aug 2009

Yup. Let them what they do best :)

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