Expansion slots PCI/AGP etc..

  Mysticnas 15:26 26 Nov 2004

Hi all...

just a quick Q...

Why don't manufacturers build cards that face the right way (up) when you've fitted them to motherboards?

Surely the fact that heat rises would be a simple enough reason?

Take the graphic cards for example, the heat sinks end up being below the GPU, and as heat rises wouldn't it be more beneficial to have the cards facing the right way up so heatsinks could be made proper use of?


  TomJerry 15:31 26 Nov 2004

and make a lot of dosh

  Mysticnas 15:58 26 Nov 2004

i don't understand what you're saying.

  Cook2 16:06 26 Nov 2004

Maybe the heat rising would overheat the board above it.

  Mysticnas 16:45 26 Nov 2004

That's possible, but the major concern is for graphics cards as i assume they release the most heat, and as far i know i have not seen a system that has anyother expansion slot above the AGP slot.

It dawned on me when i modded my current pc about a year or so ago. I desiged my side panel own window. Anyway after having installed it i realised that the card was upside down so all the trouble that the manufacturer had gone to making the heatsink aesthetically pleasing was a bit of a waste of time.

Just a passing thought really.

  CurlyWhirly 18:52 26 Nov 2004

Very good point and until I read your post it NEVER occured to me!

  Dorsai 19:05 26 Nov 2004

A good question, for which i cant honestly think of a good answer.

Perhaps they assume a fan will be used, and so it does not matter. Then they put a passive heatsink on the top, and let the heat rise??

  Mysticnas 19:46 26 Nov 2004

The only thing that i can think of is that these current day towers are a dirivative of flat desktops where there was no top and bottom as there is now.

So instead of going to huge effort of just flipping the card around they spent millions (billions perhaps????) over so many years trying to find a decent cooling solution for graphics cards..


  Cook2 20:23 26 Nov 2004

i have not seen a system that has any other expansion slot above the AGP slot.

I haven't either, I hadn't thought of that.

flat desktops where there was no top and bottom.

It looks like they flipped it the wrong way then.

You've started something here Mysticnas.

  josie mayhem 21:12 26 Nov 2004

That was a statement that got the old brain cells muggling, and yes you are quite right.

But if I remember with older computers, many desktops were built with the same configuration. But instead of running up the motherboard so to speak (tower) the were connected to a IsA board that fitted into a pci slot, so the ISA board was vertical, and things like modems sound card were horizontal. This was the set up with my p1 packard bell that I had!

But imagine the cost of changing, not only paying some-one to develope the idea, but having to the production line, redesigned and riped out, perish the thought. The cooling solution was properly the cheapest, after all I think what everway the board went in, this will always been/be a issuse with faster graphics cards.

  bab5 21:31 26 Nov 2004


" have not seen a system that has any other expansion slot above the AGP slot. "

there are some motherboards that do has a slot above the AGP slot, its a AMR/CMR slot, mostly used for modems (some packard bells used to have them BTW


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