Excess Postage - a Warning.

  AlanHo 16:48 11 Jun 2009

The postman popped a card in with our normal post today stating that they had been unable to deliver an item because the correct postage had not been paid. It said I could collect it from the local post office for a fee of £1.08.

This I did - the guy verified my identity with my driving licence, took the £1.08 from my sweaty mit and fetched the "parcel".

It was a normal envelope containg a birthday greeting card for my wife.

My flabber was gasted - it looked OK to me with a first class stamp - so I asked "why"

The guy said it was above the size limit for a normal first class letter and should have been stamped as a "large" letter. A normal letter has a size limit of 240 x 165 x 5mm and this envelope measured 245 x 170 x 2mm - thus 5mm too big in two directions.

The £1.08 consist of £0.08 in unpaid postage plus a £1.00 handling fee.

I can't deny the envelope is just outside the prescribed limits - albeit by a small amount - but let it serve as a warning to all budding senders of greeting cards. Measure the envelope before posting - or your friend or relation may get an unwanted surprise. Even better - measure the envelope before buying the card and pay only the minimum postage. Better still - don't bother with a card - send a free Email instead

  961 17:07 11 Jun 2009

After receiving a similar card and paying a similar fee to get an unstamped junk mail envelope I instructed the local sorting office not to deliver any more unstamped/understamped mail but to return it to sender

This is a total racket

  Covergirl 18:57 11 Jun 2009
  961 19:04 11 Jun 2009


  interzone55 19:44 11 Jun 2009

If you check the back of most greetings cards they have a little logo indicating whether they're letter or parcel size.

As for excess postage. One day at work we got one of the dreaded excess postage cards,so I went to the sorting office to collect it, paying the fee. What I collected was an unstamped empty envelope with our address label attached.

That afternoon I just happened to mention this to a colleague in another branch - he'd got one too. It turned out that this was supposed to be a memo, sent to all the company's sites regarding a takeover, but the memo had been withdrawn after the envelopes had been printed but not franked. Someone in the post room collected them and put them in the post sack and they were dispatched. At that time the company had a shade over 1000 sites round the country - that's a lot of excess postage for empty envelopes...

  jimmybond 20:11 11 Jun 2009

fantastic...yes...I'm sure the person whose post is being held to ransom will understand and fully support Mr Huddart's childish protest.

  BT 08:00 12 Jun 2009

Even the BBC has had problems. It seems that when they give addresses for people to send in stuff, many people seem to think that the PO Box numbers mean that a stamp is not required, and they now have to remind people to put stamps on their envelopes.

What annoys me is that you aren't allowed to see what the item is at the sorting office until you have paid the fee.

  JanetO 11:40 12 Jun 2009

to one which requires an expert to tell you the price differences between letters is beyond me. You now have to go into a PO to find out what the postage is on anything over a certain size. And there's no easy means of us telling. In the weight system you could weigh your letter at home.

If I possessed detective-like skills I'd suppose this could be another shrouded political manoeuvre by the powers-that-be to create more work for the PO's (pre-privatisation) even after closing down so many beforehand.

  Pine Man 12:04 12 Jun 2009

Every household was sent a template to work out what size of package required what price when the new standard was introduced.

There is also a very easy to follow guide on their website.

Weight is still a factor as well as size.

  Picklefactory 12:56 12 Jun 2009

I never got one.

Must have got lost in the post.

  JanetO 13:58 12 Jun 2009

I must admit I forgot that and ours must have been lost years ago.

So what you're saying is there's no longer just one calculation to do there's now two! Maybe that just reinforces my theory. Further, I can't be the only silly one who needs to go into the PO to post a letter, get it weighed, get the size calculated. Every PO I go into there's queues doing the same as me.

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