Excellent Service from IIyma

  freaky 20:33 11 Jan 2007

Yesterday one of our IIyama TFT Monitors decided to stop displaying a picture.

Tried it on another PC and still no picture, so phoned them today.....had an email from them later stating replacement will be delivered tomorrow !

  Ho-Lin-Sok 23:18 11 Jan 2007

They usually work like this, had same service twice now.

  Stuartli 23:18 11 Jan 2007

I've experienced the same prompt reaction.

  wiz-king 06:47 12 Jan 2007

Note that the replacement may not be new. They may supply a repaired one but your warranty will remain the same and will cover the replacement. You may be lucky and get a new one, it just depends what they have in stock at the time.
It's a good service.

  freaky 20:29 12 Jan 2007

As they promised it arrived today, and works OK...except that it has a black screen surround instead of silver. It appears to be new as there are no marks or blemishes.

In their email they told me to remove the base and pedestal as the replacement would just be the screen.....after much ado I did this, only to find the replacement had the pedestal !

The faulty monitor was bought just over 2 years ago so I suppose I will just have the balance of the warranty on this one ?

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