Excellent service - Gericom laptop

  keenan 16:26 18 Jun 2004

Having purchased one of the above from 'Aldi' last february.
For details of the offer
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Contacted 'UK service hotline' to report a problem regarding corrupt display and was quickly established Laptop required collection for repair.
(The call was answered immediately @ 5.45pm on a Monday!)

Engineer asked when was convenient for collection, explained i would be away on holiday from wed to friday but there would be someone at home on the Tuesday ie. the next day .I was asked for a contact no. incase there was any problem.

I was contacted on my mobile the next day by 'DHL'
as they had just received the request for collection and I arranged for it to be collected on the following 'Saturday'.

To cut a long story short it was collected as promised and returned with a new 'VGA' card installed by the following Friday!

Excellent service and Good communication, well done Gericom!!

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  Gaz 25 17:02 18 Jun 2004

yeah, I had to contact them regarding an XP fault.

And they had impressive service.

  discus man 21:03 13 Jul 2004

Bought one of these from Aldi in the West Midlands for my wife...

For a while its been rebooting sporadically.

Anyway being a typical man, ignored her constant requests to get it fixed and then about 3-4 weeks ago..pop, blew the Mainboard.

Traced the fault to the psu plug not being very tight, though believed it was a design issue.

Anyway called Gericom... (10p a minute for their tech /warranty line !?!!*!) told hem the problem, advised them about the PSU, they arranged pick up and away it went.

Expected it to be two weeks but less than a week later the machine came back with a new motherboard in it, PSU plug still loose but fired up perfectly....

3 hours later, pop, machine killed itself again, or rather seems to have tripped the overheat sensor on the MB. 3 days later manage to get the machine to fire up long enough to get our data back of the machine...

Called Gericom.. they picked the machine up and this time returned it 3 days later.

During the 3 days I actually got a call from the Technician at SSi, he apologised for not sorting the PSU problem out hte first time around and also agreed to swap out the flaky DVD drive. Nice service and didnt expect it.

However neither did I expect the machine to return last 30 minutes and again give up the ghost...again overheating this time so hot that a cd placed in the tray was pretty much hot enough to cook on up 15 seconds in the closed drive. So obviously the drive was misfitted or damaged prior to fitment. (though it did offer a computer advance I've never seen before... close the tray full or empty and the machine hard reboots!!)

Phoned Gericom last Friday morning demanding my money back, told would need to talk to complaints line, they dont hand the number out but I would be contacted within 24 hours... strangely 5 days later still havent heard from them.....

Have spoken to Aldi and it looks like they will at tleast refund me.... that is if I can find all the articles on the Gericom supplied checklist... these include a recovery disc a windows xp disc and a windows xp manual!!!!!!

Strangely cant remember ever having any of these items and never heard of an oem manufacturer ever supplying a recovery disc and a separate copyu of XP or and XP manual for that matter....

The moral of the story... I work for a car manufacturer, and yes all mass producers can sometimes fit bad components... but its how these customer and the product are fixed that matters....

Seems Gericom dont understand this......

p.s. if either of you could confirm what discs came with your laptops, I would appreciate it!!

  discus man 22:05 14 Jul 2004

Well finally got good service.... Aldi gave me my money back :)

Now just got to decide what to spend it on.

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