Excellent Ebuyer & a warning about Netgear DG834GT

  SCL411 00:03 01 Apr 2005

Hi all,

I don't post here that often, but I felt the need to publicly thank Ebuyer for the way they have delt with a problem Netgear router.

In a nutshell, their service was swift, helpful and couteous. Their 'enote' system has proved to be very efficient and I now have a replacement unit winging its way back to me, but I'm not holding out much hope for that........

Which leads me to my warning for prospective purchasers of the Netgear DG834GT wireless modem/router. Think long and hard before you part with your cash.

It's faults, including frequent adsl line drops, extremely poor wireless range and stability and overheating/crashing are very well documented in the following thread at the Netgear support site click here

These are not problems caused by incorrect installation or set-up, or poor adsl line quality.

Along with a number of other people on that site, I have been "beta testing" (for want of a better term) the latest three firmware updates that have been released to a select few by Netgear UK. These have all appeared in the last month and do not solve the problems, although in some cases slight improvements have been made. A number of people who have had replacement units continue to experience the same problems.

There is too much data in that thread to condense down into this post. Therefore I would strongly suggest to anyone who is considering buying that product to have a read of the netgear forums before you make a decision.


  GibsonSt19 14:14 01 Apr 2005

I have a DG834GT and I've been very pleased with its reliability and performance since purchase.

It's not once dropped the line in the last 3 months, and my signal is 'Good' if not 'VeryGood/Excellent' throughout my 3 bed home.

As I type from the comfort of my sofa (with 2 walls and various other obstacles in the way, using a WG111T Wireless Adapter), I'm connected at 108mbps to the network, and I'm browsing the net at max speed for my 512kbps broadband service.

I guess as there are so many hardware setup combinations, there're always going to be people with problems.

After some easy tweaking and tuning, my experienced have been very positive, however this does not invalidate your negative experience.

I hope you get it all sorted soon.

  GibsonSt19 14:16 01 Apr 2005

It's NEVER dropped the line.

  SCL411 17:06 01 Apr 2005

Ah! so the elusive working unit does exist! I was beginning to think that it was just a myth!!

Just out of interest, what firmware are you using and what wireless setting do you use - 108 only, 108 auto etc?

Glad to hear you're happy with it and long may it last!


  GibsonSt19 11:31 02 Apr 2005

I'm using the latest, BETA, firmware - which is v1.2 (click here).

Also on 108mbps only.

  Forum Editor 11:52 02 Apr 2005

and have installed them for several clients. None of them have had a single problem, and my own router has performed faultlessly since I installed it.

  SCL411 13:00 02 Apr 2005

This is interesting. Even the latest beta firmware for the router - 1.01.25, which has only been released to a select few direct from Netgear UK has not cured the problems that many are having.

I am on my second unit which is exhibiting exactly the same problems as the first one. I'm an IT Consultant by trade and have, up until this point, had no trouble with Netgear or their products and have recommended and installed numerous items from their product range.

I am seeing these problems arising in a number of client based routers now and, if you do visit the forum (linked above), you will see that the problem is a very real one. It now looks like Trading Standards may be getting involved (based on information in posts on above forum). Netgear have all but admitted that they are aware of a problem with the wireless side of things, but are not as forthcoming when it comes to the adsl issues. However, the UK tech support team have been and still are working on resolving the problems. I believe that yet another beta will be released (selectively) in the next week or two.

Don't get me wrong, I believe that this router has the potential to be an excellent product but as it stands, there are far too many faulty units floating about.

  sidmo 20:12 02 Apr 2005

you are not alone SCL411, I'M waiting for a replacement direct from netgear for this router, I am having exactly the same problems you are. I'm also having problems with their wg311 pci cards which keep crashing two of my computers. It has to be said that their support is atrocious as well, although their engineers are unfailingly polite and endlessly patient they don't come up with any answers.

This is interesting. Even the latest beta firmware for the router - 1.01.25, which has only been released to a select few direct from Netgear UK has not cured the problems that many are having. - Funny i downloaded that yesterday off the site easily! click here in the top left.

I brought this router thursday from overclockers, and so far, it is fine and dandy. Had problems getting it set up - my fault, password was case sensitive, when i got my ADSL password a couple of years back i wrote it down wrong.

But ringing up netgear, the support is helpful, but i had huge problems understanding the chap's who wherent english, which made it hard for both of us. Also there was long period's of silence from the chap's i was speaking to, which made thing's even worse....

my only other compliant is though the manual's where very sparse. could of been a bit more in-depth!

  SCL411 23:33 03 Apr 2005

Sorry, I wasn't aware that they had made 1.01.25 available to the public.

I tested it on my first unit for about two weeks and installed it on my replacment unit (that I've had for a couple of days):-

Wireless signal strength up and down like a yo-yo even at close range, although so far this has not dropped completely. This was the same on returned unit. I have used netstumbler etc. to check for other wirless networks but there are none showing. I've even introduced myself to some of my neighbours to ask if they run wireless networks (that was fun!)

ADSL connection dropped after 21hrs and the router spent the next 3hrs trying to connect again. This happened repeatedly (with 1.01.25 only) on the first unit as well. The only way to regain a net connection is to reboot via the router's web interface. As soon as the unit reboots it connects to the net and away I go!

While my first router was being returned, I borrowed a Belkin 125mbps model. It remained connected to the net solidly for 8 days before my new router arrived. The wireless side of things was also more stable. This was pretty much the same as my first router (Linksys) so I know it can be done!!

  PsiFox 16:49 06 Apr 2005

Same as Forum Editor, I have installed many of these for my smaller customers (business and home) and they all work faultlessly.

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