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  laurie53 08:42 23 Sep 2008

I've had to get out of bed just once too often to answer an unwanted sales call (despite TPS).

Having spent twenty minutes on the BT website trying to find out how to go ex-directory without success, can someone give me a steer please?

  jolorna 09:13 23 Sep 2008

calls from abroad cannot be stopped, a lot of people use random number generators, you will have to speak to bt about going ex directory but it won't do any good untill the new book is out or if your to late you will be added into that one anyway, also you have companies selling phone numbers, and some of thoes discs are quite old

  HondaMan 09:41 23 Sep 2008

of unwanted 'phone calls.

You can have all witheld and similar numbers stopped, but that could involve those from whom you might wish to receive a call, such as BT's call centres, or a parent or child who for some reason does not wish their number disclosed.

  HondaMan 09:42 23 Sep 2008

I think the service is called "choose to refuse"

  Chris the Ancient 10:21 23 Sep 2008

click here

Shows codes for phone facilities - including blocking numbers.

  jolorna 10:28 23 Sep 2008

were not even ex directory but only get about 2 calls a month from unknown & unwanted people, charites, or debt collectors, which can't be stopped

  Marko797 12:08 23 Sep 2008

if the calls are important to you, then u can always return the call at your leisure.

We both have mobiles and rarely use, or answer, the home phone. All ppl who are important to us have our mobile numbers, so anything of an urgent nature comes thru on the mobiles.

Anything on the answer machine is generally stupid/annoying sales calls, or wrong numbers, which we delete straight away.

Would save u having to get out of bed, which is the main point of ur gripe.

  laurie53 15:59 23 Sep 2008

Thanks for the responses, most of which I've already tried.

Unfortunately, none of them answer my original query, how do I go ex-directory?

  interzone55 15:59 23 Sep 2008

I just typed ex-directory into the search box at click here and got this page...

click here

  anniesboy 16:10 23 Sep 2008

I am ex directory also have TPS .I'm glad to say I get no such calls at all.

  spuds 18:18 23 Sep 2008

If you have a BT account, then just call 0800 800 150 or email click here Quicker and better to phone,

Like as been previous mentioned. Going ex-directory will not solve all the nuisance problems.

I was ex-directory with BT, but now that I have changed to an ISP for all services, I suppose I will have to see if I am still ex-directory!.

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