Evidon Ghostery? I've Given Up The Ghost(ery)!

  Big L 266 10:01 29 Jan 2011


On page 53 of this months PCA is a fascinating item of security software called Evidon Ghostery which I would love to download.I value my online privacy very much and see this as another tool to keep the nosey parkers away from my computer.

I've got I.E.8 and have been reading the benefits of this on their website.Having decided it was right for me,I've tried unsuccessfully to download it 15 times in the past hour.

Nothing happens.Its that simple.I click on the link for Internet Explore and nothing happens.I wonder if any of you have had the same problem.

For the monent though I've given up the ghost(ery).

Big L 266

  Kevscar1 11:00 29 Jan 2011

have you tried right clicking and open in new window, sometimes works for me when I have your problem.

  Big L 266 12:16 29 Jan 2011


kevscar....I've just tried the website again and done it both the conventional way and your way but nothing works on their website for IE8 some two hours later. Perhaps it no longer supports Internet Explorer. I'll try a few times over the next 24 hours but if not successful pass on it.

Thanks for your help though.

Big L 266

  iambeavis 13:03 29 Jan 2011

By default, Firefox requires that you allow Ghostery to download and install - perhaps Internet Explorer needs the same permission.

  iambeavis 13:10 29 Jan 2011

I meant to add that it's a plugin like WOT or Adblock, rather than an app with a .exe file which you download and install.

  Forum Editor 13:31 29 Jan 2011

you're trying to download from?

click here

  Big L 266 14:31 29 Jan 2011


iambeavis....Clicking on the IE download a few minutes ago resulted in the same as before. It just says "Ghostery IE Plugin Installation". I wait a few minutes and nothing whatsoever happens.Its quite odd.

F.E.....Indeed it is the same page but I tried your link and nothing as before. I also tried going via the 'TinyURL' link in the PCA as well as directly through the website but no success.Its odd but if I click - but not download - on the other links then they tell me I don't have the browsers I clicked on. Its very odd.

Never mind,I'll try again later.

Thank you for your help.

Big L 266

  ams4127 18:29 29 Jan 2011

Nothing here either Big L 266. Gets as far as downloading the plugin and stops.

  VCR97 19:00 29 Jan 2011

I have the same problem with IE6 and IE8. I have tried several times. No problem with Firefox.

  BRYNIT 19:18 29 Jan 2011

Do you have an add blocker. I had to switch off my add blocker to allow the down load.

  Big L 266 19:46 29 Jan 2011


ams4127 & VCR97....I've just tried it a few more times but with no success. I don't even get to the download stage either.Theres just a message saying "Ghostery IE Plugin Installation".

Brynit....I don't have any ad blockers and can't find any in my computer. Unless there is one one somewhere in IE, Norton 360, SuperAntiSpyware, Malwarebytes, Trusteer Rapport or C/Cleaner. It is indeed a mystery.

Perhaps there's something wrong with the website and there's nobody there at the weekends to oversee its smooth running. I'll leave it for tonight and try it late Monday evening and see if whatever is wrong has been fixed.

At least I know its not just me though.

Here's to Monday night then!

Big L 266

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