Evidence Eliminator

  hector710 14:14 08 Mar 2004

Hope this is the correct forum; if not apologies.
Is Evidence Eliminator worth the extra money; it is far more expensive than Window Washer, for example.In its blurb, it says that Window Washer, among many others, do not do the job properly; do any readers have views on this?

  byfordr 14:19 08 Mar 2004

Its free on a cover disk somewhere...

Its ok, but there are better ones ccleaner, cleanup etc that wipe out index.dat and a host of other rubbish.

Try searching for cleaners on the forum, there have been some recently.


  kinger 20:29 08 Mar 2004

I use Evidence Eliminator and have done for some time now.

I've got a program that the police use to 'find' things on your PC.

In an experiment we 'hid' a file.

We then used all the well known cleaners to get rid of it.

The police program found it.

After using Evidence Eliminator it could not find it.

I think EE is pretty well the best you'll get.

Worth every penny.

  kinger 20:46 08 Mar 2004

Here is EE's take on the above 'police' software. I don't suggest you do anything illegal on your PC but it does show how easy it is for 'snoopers' to check our your personal details. Read on ....

EnCase is a very interesting piece of software we thought members might have an extreme interest in.

Encase is the software used by many law enforcement agencies to scan the hard drive of computers that have been seized so evidence may be extracted for the case against the person or company the computer was seized from.

It appears that the version available is for Win95/98 & NT machines.

We were quite surprised at exactly what this software revealed about the hard drive and the files (both current and deleted) on it,including the swap file. this tool will certainly reveal any security weakness in your files.

You can download a copy of this program as a free demo version by clicking the hyperlink below.

EnCase has an extensive help file and it is highly recommended that you read it.

We found that once the program is run, hit the yellow disk shaped button in the upper left hand corner labeled "Preview" to scan hard hard drive. After a few seconds, the contents (both current and past) appear as well as unused blocks, labeled sector by sector for the whole drive.

The Swap file is also viewable. You can double click on files to see the content in text or hex.

We noticed that if you hit the case button, the contents of the drive in directory format would appear in the left pane while the file themselves would appear to the right (similar to Windows Explorer). Any file shown deleted or invalid file cluster could be retrieved by right clicking where you could save it to a specific location for viewing.

For files marked deleted/overwritten we could not retrieve using Encase however, the file name remained quite visible which in itself should be considered a security weakness.

To download a working 'trial' version:click here

  Belatucadrus 21:52 08 Mar 2004

Paranoia rules OK. Eraser click here is more than sufficient for the home user and anyway if you're trying to hide something from the authorities do you seriously think they're going to sit there quietly while you run a disk cleaner ?

  plsndrs3 08:17 09 Mar 2004


Some forumites might recall that I have a friend who works for the government in a role where she is responsible for retrieving data from erased/damaged hard drives [I presume for prosecution, but have never pushed her on the matter]. She recently helped me with a hard drive & was able to recover data that had been removed/left on the disk by a previous owner using various hardware & software.

I spoke to her about EE last night as I was interested by its claim to be able to remove things from the drive so that the Police could not find it. She said that EE is good for a commercial product but does not completely erase the data & that there are 'various options' open to professional data retrievers to find what has been hidden.

So, yes from the paranoia perspective, this is probably the best you can buy. But it is NOT as perfect as painted above. She & I agree with Belatucadrus in that most people only want to remove data from hard drives when selling on PCs and such. For this, Eraser is just as good & a lot cheaper!



  Kinder Scout 10:21 09 Mar 2004

If the police whoever were on your trail they could any any evidence from your ISP. This Free. click here

  byfordr 10:36 09 Mar 2004

Kinder Scout suggestion does the job well!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:50 09 Mar 2004

Evidence eliminator is well OTT and is totally ridiculous fr any home computer but here is an interesting view of the programme and the company...................click here


  hector710 11:09 09 Mar 2004

Thanks for all the comments; actually, I was a bit suspicious about Evidence eliminator. I am planning to give my old computer to a local school, so buying EE would be way over the top.

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