evesham what can i do...

  jackieuk 11:38 28 Jun 2003

hi my new evesham came on monday,i set it up and it keeps crashing,i phoned up the tech guys (8-times)and i did this and that and it still it keeps crashing,i have told them i want it changed for a another one,but guess what i cant they have to have it back check it out and if they find a fault they will repair it and send it back...but i said sorry no i want a mechine that works not one thats been repaired,so i have rejected the thing...but the wont let me they must check it first and maybe i will get my money back...all i want is a computer that works,so what are my rights...and why do evesham talk to you like dirt

  Steven135 11:45 28 Jun 2003

You have my sympathy having had a similar experience this week.

What machine do you have?

I spent ages on the phone to tech support in the end they sent out an engineer he was terrific and now I'm very happy with the computer.

Would it be worth letting them come out to have a look at it?

Have to say I agree with you about the attitude of some of their support people one made me feel very angry.

Under the distance selling regulations, you can reject it and demand a refund.

  -pops- 12:00 28 Jun 2003

Reject the machine as "unsuitable for purpose" and get your money back.

Tell them you are doing this by email and back it up by a special delivery letter.

Assuming you bought the machine by credit card, inform the CC company of what you are doing.

Don't be fobbed off by their bullying. It is your right in law that your purchase should do as it it claimed to do and it is not up to your to mess about sending it back or anything similar.

It used to be that Evesham had a good Customer Service reputation. Seems they've gone down the degenerative path like several other computer suppliers now.


  -pops- 12:00 28 Jun 2003

or do as somdor says!

  powerless 13:58 28 Jun 2003

At the sametime post a thread in the helproom about the system crashing and who knows we might be able to fix it.

  TBH1 18:16 28 Jun 2003

I believe you have a 2 year on-site warranty - - - so let them come out and have a look-see- - -maybe something very simple. These things happen - -rejecting it will lead to ages and ages without a machine . No excuse for a bad attitude by their staff though - - -must admit I've had no problems with them. Good luck

  TBH1 18:26 28 Jun 2003

another thing, Evesham have a presence on this forum - - -drop them an email

  Forum Editor 18:33 28 Jun 2003

out of hand I suggest that you take the advice offered by Steven135 and TBH1 - let Evesham take a look at the machine. It may be something very simple, and easily fixed, and to be truthful Evesham have a pretty good reputation when it comes to customer service.

Statements like "....they've gone down the degenerative path " aren't very helpful, and are probably not based on fact. The company sells thousands of computers and proportionately we don't see too many complaints about them here.

My guess is that someone from Evesham will spot this thread on Monday, and you'll be asked to contact them to resolve the problem.

  jackieuk 18:56 28 Jun 2003

i called them today and i did ask them to send someone out to have a look,but they said i had to go back to the tech guys and they will get me to do more to the computer ie click that reinstall that ie.. xp and what ever they say etc..i gave them a good few chances over the phone they got me to do this and that and it still did not work i dont see why i should do their work for them. i am not tech minded but i tried my best. I just think that it should work when you take it out of the box or is that too much to ask.

  Flaco 21:09 28 Jun 2003

Nothing worse than having a new PC and not being able to enjoy it straight out of the box. Infuriating. I agree with everything Pops says; that's the bottom line.

However, I opted for Evesham myself and everything's been perfect from day one, including support. I really would expect them to get an engineer round to you pronto, though. Having to send it back when it's brand new is a bit much. Good luck.

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