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  gibfish26 18:05 17 Feb 2008

hi all i purchased a 32" LCD TV from evesham in march 2007,model ALQEMI32TX,with a 3 year swap out warranty,It has now gone faulty,i-e picture keeps going off,so i dug out my invoice and rang them up,the guy i spoke to said this was a problem with this model and it would need to go back to have the software updated, but as evesham went into liquidation in august 2007 they cant help,so he gave me a phone number of the company who have taken over,they are called TOTAL CARE,so i rang these explained what the problem was and she confirmed what the guy said about them going bust therefore the only way they would sort my TV was for me to take out a 12 month warrantie contract at a cost of £12.99 per month,so in effect i would be shelling around a £155.00 to get the software updated,this i declined,has anyone else had this same problem and have you any suggestions.i have contacted consumerdirect by e-mail but not yet had a reply.thanks.gibfish26

  citadel 18:12 17 Feb 2008

On my tv every so often a message comes on the screen saying software upgrade available, press ok, and it auto installs. I think you can select it manualy from somewhere in the options.

  gibfish26 18:21 17 Feb 2008

hi citadel
thanks for your speedy response will have a look at that thanks.gibfish26.

  livewire 18:45 17 Feb 2008


Total Care = Time from my understanding :/

  gibfish26 19:34 17 Feb 2008


checked the software for updates as you suggested and it says the software is upto date.should have mentioned in my original post that this only happens on the digital tuner.

yes livewire its painful.

thanks gibfish26.

  spuds 20:26 17 Feb 2008

If you purchased the item and warranty via a credit card payment then have a word with the credit card company, perhaps mentioning section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. Consumer Direct click here will provide further advice on any rights you may have.

  gibfish26 17:32 18 Feb 2008

spuds thanks for that,as you will see from my post i have e-mailed consumer direct about this but not had any reply yet.if i dont get one in next day or two i will contact my card company.thanks again to all.gibfish26.

  Managing ed 17:56 18 Feb 2008

I'm afraid there's not a lot of positive news to offer, gibfish26:

click here

My understanding is that warranties purchased pre-receivership and buy out are pretty much worthless. As you say, you can purchase a new warranty, but you're at liberty to buy one from anywhere, and are probably not that well-disposed toward Total Care in this instance.

It's always worth contacting your credit card company, Trading Standards and the Consumers' Association. But I fear that this is a sad story with very little good news attached.

Incidentally, I have repeatedly asked Evesham to speak to me about this, but have met a wall of silence.

Good luck.

Matt Egan
Managing Editor
PC Advisor

  spuds 18:21 18 Feb 2008

Apparently you are not the only computer magazine editor that as hit a wall of silence from the company directors ;0)

Confusion still reigns regarding warranty information being supplied to customers!.

  livewire 21:33 18 Feb 2008

I have emailed customer support RE: warranty of my laptops.

Thye replied asking for the serial numbers, but after giving them have not repied since. Shall see what happens...

  livewire 21:34 18 Feb 2008

I forgot to mention..

Will PC Advisor be covering the Evesham situation in the next issue of PCA?

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