Evesham Theory

  Stormpool 10:37 31 Jul 2007

The following company was just setup recently

click here

the MD is Richard Austin, the current MD of Evesham Technology

The following company is registered as Geemore's company secretary.

click here

They are based on the Time Technology Park

A theory is that Evesham Micros Ltd. goes into liquidation and the lease contracts on the showrooms is terminated. Fortunately I "think" Richard Austin owns the building so that cannot be sold off by the liquidators.

Richard Austin buys back Evesham Technology through his new company Geemore Technology. He will buy it as a going concern and not take on the debts or the showrooms in attempt to streamline the company and cut down on it's expenses.

I suspect a majority of the jobs are safe and that the company will continue business as normal.

I don't know the role of a company secretary and I wonder what involvement time will have if not financial?

The account part of the geemore business starts today, so maybe tomorrow something official may be announced?

Anyone have any thoughts?

  Stormpool 10:41 31 Jul 2007

Just been informed that Lloyds TSB may infact own the Evesham Technology building.

  Al94 10:46 31 Jul 2007

Links don't work

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:49 31 Jul 2007

This is how business has worked for many years and is nothing new. If it keeps people employed so what.


  Stormpool 10:49 31 Jul 2007

Ok Search

Geemore Technology and Elite Logo Company

Take the top two options.

I think it's £1 for more details, but you can see the registered address there.

  Stormpool 10:51 31 Jul 2007

Gandalf - it may enlighten people who have bought Evesham pcs worrying they're going to dissapear overnight.

  Stormpool 10:53 31 Jul 2007

If only i could edit the previous message, I don't expect anything thinks their PC will dissapear overnight :)

  The Brigadier 11:21 31 Jul 2007

This is the same way Watford Electronics(Savastore) rose from the ashes.
Nowadays its standard business practice for some companies to do this!

  Merkin 23:00 31 Jul 2007

Had a chat through Evesham's website with a pre-sales rep yesterday and he said he didn't know anything about the takeover and that any purchases or warranties would be covered by the insurance or something so people wouldn't be out of pocket, however he may just have been saying this as I mentioned I was interested in a pc.

There was a news story I found through a Google search on Evesham earlier today stating that staff had been paid early this month which usually spelt bad news when companies are going through takeovers.

  Baz48 14:29 03 Aug 2007

This may be "standard business practice" as some have stated but it is one which the government should put a stop to.

I own a small business and this practice has happened three times with companies closing on Friday and re-opening on Monday, minus any debts, and leaving debters like myself out of pocket with un-payed bills.

Evesham could conceivably owe hundreds of thousands of pounds to suppliers for their stock. If you were one of these suppliers you would want the directors locked up.

This is of course all supposition.

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