Evesham Technology is being taken to court.

  FedUp10 10:06 05 May 2004

Taking Evesham to the Small Claims Court on 8th June 2004. Hearing will be held at Gloucester County Court. At issue, is a PC I bought from them in early 2003 which has completely failed on numerous occassions. Evesham have failed to swap the unit, or refund the unit.

This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with in my entire life.

I will post further details in due course, and inform the forum of the outcome, should Evesham actually wish to proceed to Court.

Andrew Lockie 05 May 2004

  Sir Radfordin 10:21 05 May 2004

This would have been better posted in the Consumerwatch part of the site - perhaps the FE will spot it and move it.

Sorry to hear things have reached this point in your dealings with Evesham, hopefully it will get resolved quickly and without the trouble of going to court.

Be careful what you post on this site/elsewhere whilst you are involved in court proceedings just in case it has any impact on the case.

  Daveson 10:51 05 May 2004

I have been told that Evesham have a very good and respected reputation. I hope so as i have just spent a large amount of cash on one of there laptops.... ooops. Good luck with the case m8.

  spuds 11:19 05 May 2004

Let's hope sense prevails in this case, and that a out of court settlement is agreed.Should it finally proceed to the court, then FedUp10 [nice username (;o)]make sure that you have a the relevant paperwork and evidence available.Evesham may use a high powered legal eagle, which could leave you 'paddling' a little.

  Stuartli 11:21 05 May 2004

Sorry to hear this about Evesham as I have always regarded it as an excellent supplier.

However, providing you have comprehensive and accurate records of your dealings and communications with Evesham, the small claims court will assses the circumstances fairly in relation to both parties.

But you should not assume, as you appear to be, that you will automatically win your claim merely by having taken it to the small claims court.

  FedUp10 11:45 05 May 2004

I make no assumption whatsoever as to the outcome of the case. The courts are there to arbitrate the situation, and the verdict, whatever the outcome, will no doubt be a fair one.

  Stuartli 11:50 05 May 2004

That's good to hear - I was going by your comment: "...should Evesham actually wish to proceed to Court."

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 12:53 05 May 2004

Obviously your situation is pretty dire for you to take this action, I will not expect you to comment on the case for obvious reasons. I hope all goes well and an amicable solution can be reached by all concerned. If it does not turn out as you hoped, at least you will have tried.

  FedUp10 13:26 05 May 2004

Many thanks for all the support and help received from people on this thread. The situation is dire, but it will be resolved one way or another on the 8th June. Many thanks.

  wee eddie 16:26 05 May 2004

Although no one could have guaranteed to solve the problem.

We may have been able to get an earlier solution, as it has obviously dragged on and on.

  bob1234 16:51 05 May 2004

As a freelance IT Advisor, I have been recommending Evesham, but NO MORE. One of my customers took delivery of a rather pricey Athlon XP 2500 Base unit. Upon opening the box yesterday and connecting it to a new Smile monitor, it started to boot then the green light on the monitor changed to Amber. Same with monitor number two, a known good screen. They call me and off I go. Upon arriving, really expected something very simple, like too high a resolution or somethging, no such joy. Booted to safe mode only to be told that Op system not installed fully. 1 hour wait on phone, they explained that taking lots of calls over Sasser virus. They tell me that I must reinstall Windows!!! I feel I missed part of the story out, no, it is my responsibilty. They will not accept that either the PC went out in that state (Do they have a qualty control DepT?) or there is something very amiss. They have now agreed to send an engineer on Friday, but cannot give a timed or even am/pm appointment. I will post news, but they are off my list for shipping such rubbish. An Athlon 2500 at nearly £800!! I expected a solid Gold case or something, but no, it is a very basis PC without even a seperate video card.

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