evesham Quest a 620, the best??

  bigstu78 21:55 24 Jun 2006

is the evesham queat a620 the best gameing laptop without spending much more? weight, battery life not an issue.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:55 25 Jun 2006

PC Pro: Product Reviews: Evesham Quest A620
click here

At £2,500 it would need to be good!

  bigstu78 23:04 25 Jun 2006

thats funny, in my prievious piece i asked what laptop, and the link i was given to the a620 advertised 1699? can anyone clarify this, as if it is this much then i think its the one for me.

  DieSse 23:14 25 Jun 2006

Why not look on the Evesham site - that'll be where the prices are !

click here

a620 £1699 plus delivery

a620plus £1999 plus delivery

  DieSse 23:17 25 Jun 2006

The PcPro spec system at the bottom of the page, is indeed £2500 - it has two hard drives.

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