Evesham Q/A

  SteveWH 17:20 09 Aug 2007
  RobCharles1981 17:38 09 Aug 2007

hmmm that explains things no wonder my local Evesham Branch has been shut down.

  Stuartli 00:23 10 Aug 2007

I read your link earlier today.

To be frank, if I'd just ordered a system from Evesham under these circumstances I would be very concerned.

It states that half the staff have lost their jobs although the technical staff have been retained, the brand has been saved and the warranties are safe.

However, if I was a shareholder in Evesham I would want to see changes at the top - one would have presumed that an MD would have been on top of his brief and foreseen the potential for problems long before they became reality.

It's a shame because Evesham became a by word long ago for top quality systems.

If half the staff have gone, who is going to build the systems in future?

  hereford456 11:32 10 Aug 2007

It's often the case these days that a company goes bust & then re-invents itself as a new company a few days/weeks later.
It will be interesting to see if all the 'old' evesham warranties are kept as in some cases the 'new' company does not have to do so.

An interesting time ahead for both customers & suppliers!

  spuds 12:04 10 Aug 2007

"If half the staff have gone, who is going to build the systems in future"

Perhaps sub contract the work out or rebadge. Both require no stocking or manufacturing facilities for the retailer, only sales, advice and perhaps warranty support all run from a call centre! ;o)

  Stuartli 12:17 10 Aug 2007

>>Perhaps sub contract the work out or rebadge.>>

You might as well buy a Medion then as they are rebadged products.

The whole point about Evesham was the standard of its systems and the excellent customer service until problems apparently arose.

I seem to recall reading that Mesh has just landed a big contract to supply systems (might have been for a Government agency); pity it wasn't Evesham...:-)

  Lettervanman 17:41 11 Aug 2007

I understand that that warranties will be o.k.

I am sad about what has happened, I am on my third Evesham. Thing is, they are well made and last a long time, and how often do we buy a new system?

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