Evesham problems

  petermontague 13:58 10 Feb 2005

Anyone had any problems with Evesham?I have had an Evesham p.c for just over two months and its been nothing but trouble. Didn't work on the day it arrived and its not much better now after 2 on-site visits , 1 return to their worshops and God knows how many e-mails and phone calls. They have already replaced both hard disks and the motherboard and it is still a piece of crap. Refund? are you kidding.It is going to have to be the small claims court. They used to be good, I've had 2 p.cs from them in the past. Never, never again!

  Technonot 18:31 10 Feb 2005

I have had 2 pc's from them in the last six months, I am also heading to the Small Claim Court for a refund on one of them, the customer service is diabolical.

  petermontague 19:22 10 Feb 2005

You have my sympathies, but we really shouldn't have to go through all this. Customer service should mean just that, making sure the customer is happy or at the very least satisfied with their purchase. Evesham now (they weren't always like this) could not care less. It may well be that 95% of their customers are very happy but it's what happens to the other 5% that is most significant. It seems to me that whoever you buy from it just comes down to luck whether or not you get a dud. If you do, you have a hard job to get your money back. I would like to see the p.c magazines using their weight to help us. I know they rely on Evesham and Mesh etc. for advertising revenue but they must know how badly they treat customers- thay could at least stop giving them awards.

  Technonot 21:16 10 Feb 2005

I could'nt agree more, I purchased from Evesham due to the excellent customer service reviews they received in this and other magazines.

  petermontague 21:46 10 Feb 2005

Any more fellow sufferers out there? I know most of you think Evesham are wonderful, but would like to know just how many others would't touch them again with a bargepole.

  Mortticia 16:56 11 Feb 2005

I bought an Evesham Pc for my niece as a christmas present,top of the range Dominator machine and for the first week it worked great,then the problems started.The Pc would freeze for no apparent reason or sometims it would just crash and go to blue screen.

When we contacted Evesham support they were adamant that the problems were caused by software installed by my niece, fact was she had not installed any, the machine was exactly as it came out of the box.When we told Evesham support about this they were quite arrogant and did not believe us,they stopped just short of calling my niece a liar, these people on the support line are just a waste of time, in fact I am sure they are trained to absolve Evesham from any blame and put the onus for all problems on to the customer.

My own *opinion* of this is that Evesham are suffering from some sort of trading problems and are making sure that the buck is passed on to someone else,so as to not cost them anything, as for onsite support that is another joke, by onsite I think they mean their site not the customers home.

Evesham you were one of the best online companies around but now you are going the way of some of the poorer companies, you should get a grip before it's too late.

  petermontague 17:38 11 Feb 2005

The first reaction of the so-called Customer Supportstaff is to blame the customer. It is something that you are doing that's causing the problem. If things are not resolved ( which they wont be)it is implied that not only is it something you are doing, you are doing it deliberately. Look through any of the forums and you will see genuine grievences , not just moans, against Evesham Customer Support. If you try writing to or e-mailing the Managing Director it gets intercepted by.....you guessed it, Customer Support. Did you manage to sort things out, Moticcia?
I am still having problems with distortion on the monitor and generally poor performance, backed up by benchmark figures. The on-site engineer when he came to change the motherboard didn't know what the solution was to these problems were. He actually suggested I should contact the manufacturers of the monitor to see if they could advise me. So you not only have to try to get Evesham to fix something, you have to tell them how to do it as well.
I have given Evesham 14 to give me a full refund or I will take it to the Small Claims Court. They still have until monday to send me a cheque, but if it doesn't come I WILL take that action

  Hunte® 11:13 12 Feb 2005

The there is a problem with the monitor, Evesham along with most other retailers will advise you contact the monitor manufacturer direct. There is a good reson for doing this as the monitor manufacturer has technicians trained to deal with problems with their monitors. They know alot of the simple fixes and reset routines. Also if they deem the monitor faulty they are able to arrange a swap out/repair for you at that time.

In law your contract is with the retailer and they should deal with the problem, however most will just contact the monitor manufacturer to arrange for them to sort the problems out with you. Contacting the manufacturer direct can mean a much quicker reolution time.

  petermontague 12:04 12 Feb 2005

As I understand it, the problem could either be with the monitor or graphics card. The manufacturer, Viewsonic, has been very helpful, but it doesn't alter the fact that Evesham have shown no inclination to sort things out. As you can see from the other responses, this seems to be the case with Evesham now.

  24bitkid 13:00 12 Feb 2005

I had a problem with an Evesham PC. After contacting Evesham (via fax) I was offered an immediate refund and compensation. I couldn't fault their response.

  petermontague 13:49 12 Feb 2005

Lucky you!

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