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  swingtime 15:18 06 May 2005

Any advice please I bought a Voyager X5 PM17 Laptop From Evesham Technology. It was delivered 29 April

Laptop arrived with,

Outer packaging badly damaged

Plastic Pouch containing documents was ripped open

Box containing Laptop was not sealed ( I.E. no sellotape sealing Box) the power cables were thrown in the bottom of the box. There were two plastic bags for these cables only one was used.

There was a mark on the screen about three and a hall inches long this screen looked like it had received a severe knock. I took some photographs then packed it up and returned to Evesham I have back to the showroom twice a round trip of 88 miles the man I went to see was at a meeting I left a letter stating I was rejecting the computer this afternoon I had a call saying there was noting wrong with the computer he said was on the protective film covering the screen he then stated I was not entitled to a refund sorry this may sound a bit complicated I have contacted the credit card people to see what I can do

any advice would gratefully appreciated

  Diodorus Siculus 15:26 06 May 2005

Was there anything wrong with the laptop? The mark you mention, was it on the screen on on the protective film?

Your credit card company is probaly the way to go if you cannot get any satisfaction.

  swingtime 16:15 06 May 2005

Diodorus Siculus thanks for replying I am afraid I panicked the way it was packed plus even if itwas the protective screen it would weaken the actual screen plus it does not seem right to have the cables just thrown in the bottom of the box

many thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 17:13 06 May 2005

You have the right to reject the goods on the "distance selling regulations" but you will have to pay the return delivery costs.

  bfoc 17:50 06 May 2005

What you were concerned about:

'Outer packaging badly damaged

Plastic Pouch containing documents was ripped open

Box containing Laptop was not sealed...the power cables were thrown in the bottom of the box.

There was a mark on the screen about three and a hall inches long this screen looked like it had received a severe knock.'

Could be best explained by transit damage.

In my view you were right to return the laptop, but were you offered and would you accept a straight replacement? Presumably if that was delivered fully intact there would be no problem.

Failing that you would be able to take the route outlined by DS above.

  swingtime 20:41 06 May 2005

Thank you both for replying
The outer package looked like it had been knocked about but the box did not have any damage marks on it I took the laptop back to Evesham I even asked the showroom staff to look at screen they said we believe you I was a bit suspicious I had photographs of the outer package but me being such a fool did not photograph the screen then a chap from care support (ho ho) rang me up he said it was the protective film that had damage on it he is sending the laptop back next week he assures me they have checked it over and it is all right.
No he did not offer me a replacement computer when I first went to Evesham they offered me a new screen I may get it checked over when I get it back trouble is I am going on holiday next week and it would be nice to have it done and dusted by then Thank you ever so much for your intrust and advice but never again will I buy from Evesham
DS on the phone this guy told me i was not entitled to a refund once again thank you

  Diodorus Siculus 21:02 06 May 2005

[quote]this guy told me i was not entitled to a refund[/quote]

Yes, I think you are. I don't know the details but I belive that what I quoted above is correct.

  spuds 00:49 07 May 2005

If you purchased by mail order,digital television, internet,telephone or fax a standard production machine [not one built to to your own specifications]then you are covered by 'The Consumer Protection [Distance Selling] Regulations 2000'. You have a cooling off period of seven days in which to reject the product [without giving a reason, if necessary].

You could also make a possible claim under 'The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 [as amended]. The item should be of satisfactory quality, and fit for the purpose.

But considering that it would appear to be transit damage that you a claiming for in your rejection, then I would ask this question, as the consumer laws may not offer the full protection intended. On delivery, was the item signed for as checked/damaged/not inspected or of similar wording. If not, then you may need to pursue this matter further with Evesham.Evesham would be in their rights to investigate the matter further, as to how and when the damage was caused.

The credit card company will know doubt place this as a 'dispute' in the first instance, and they will undertake an investigation with Evesham, as to the final outcome. If a claim is made against the credit card company,under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 [Equal Liability],then I would suspect that this will not be a simple clear cut case.

I would suggest that you keep all records of peoples names and conversations etc, in case this information is required at a later stage.

A couple of consumer websites, worthy of a browse click here click here should you need them.

  spuds 00:57 07 May 2005
  swingtime 10:48 07 May 2005

thank you for yoy reply and links sorry i am a bit busy at the moment
will get back later once thanks cheers

  swingtime 23:58 07 May 2005

sorry for the delay getting back had to take my wife out! but to answer your questions
I ordered this computer in the showroom in Evesham! That I expect is not covered by distance selling regulations
I did sign the package not inspected
It was not built to my specification
The outer packaging was damaged, but the box containing the computer appeared all right
The pouch for invoice was ripped open! Cables thrown loose in box! Damage mark on screen ( evesham say it was on the protective film)
I returned the computer to evesham personally on the 29/4/05
It is still in Evesham being checked
Evesham state it has been checked and is ready for delivery
In my opinion this parcel was unprofessionally packed
As you will no doubt by now noticed I am having a problem explaining myself!
If you have any further advice I would be grateful
Thank you everyone for replying

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