evesham "onsite" warranty

  nicebloke 18:45 04 Aug 2005

anyone else noticed that the "onsite" warranty from evesham is nothing of the sort, in fact it is just a return to base warranty by another name

pretty bad really

i quote from them

Thank you for your e-mail of the ????

Section 9 of the terms and conditions of the contract states that "You must allow evesham to examine Product at your or evesham’s premises (at our choosing)."

Section 1 (d) of the terms and conditions of the on-site maintenance agreement states "The Company may inspect, adjust, repair or replace the equipment or any part of it as it considers necessary or advisable. The service shall include repair of the Equipment in the Company's workshops if in the opinion of the Company such repair is necessary."

If you can confirm the information requested in xxx's e-mail we shall issue you with a returns number.

  mole44 20:24 04 Aug 2005

not so i`ve just had a very nice evesham technician out to replace a faulty hard drive on my 18month old machine.i can tell you this fella was brilliant,a credit to his company.in fact i wrote to evesham to compliment them on such good servive.

  surfer girl 21:31 04 Aug 2005

I also have had a very nice evesham technician out to my house ti fix an ailing hard drive and have no complaints about their onsite warranty.

  nicebloke 04:02 05 Aug 2005

that you guys have had good service, sadly not the same for everyone

  €dstowe 10:03 05 Aug 2005

"on-site" doesn't define the site. Could be on your site or on their site.

Seriously, what I think is that the problem you have described to them appears too big to be repairable at your home so they, quite reasonably, ask for you to return it to their premises where a full investigation can be made and where any, and all, of replacemnt parts are at hand.

  nicebloke 11:30 05 Aug 2005

nope simple set of spares with a engineer should easily be able to fix on site

ive built enough pc's myself and led enough pc support teams to know

evesham are simply cost cutting

  spuds 11:57 05 Aug 2005

This 'on-site' warranty problem as been discussed on this forum on previous occasions. There doe's appear to be a problem with Evesham's views and that of their customers at times on this warranty issue,and engineers are sent out to some people whilst refused to others. Basically I would go of the similar opinion of €dstowe, that Evesham support consider the fault might be far more serious, for a on-site engineer to correct within a simple time-span visit, so a return to base would be the best option. Take the issue up with them again, and see what their explanations are for a non-site visit and refusal.

  Ancient Learner 17:26 05 Aug 2005

It seems that this on-site warrenty business is something of a lottery. Whoever you are with and have paid good money to for the cover, at the end of the day you are in the hands of some office waller who may or may not be having a good day. A bad day and you lose you PC for weeks and who knows what you may/if get back.

  Ancient Learner 17:34 05 Aug 2005

For the 'what' bit read click here

  achilles 17:54 05 Aug 2005

We are sorry that our technical support service should cause concern to any customer. We don't deliberately set out to bring systems back here-it increases the risk of loss or damage and , doing the maths, it isn't any cheaper than sending an engineer-we have to pay the costs of transport, the risk of loss or damage and then an engineers time again.

There are some things that need to be borne in mind on On-Site warranties- most On-Site warranties are for hardware-many calls for warranty support are for software. Our technicians try to work out which is which, and decide on the best solution to fix the problem permanently. Sometimes, that means we need to have a good long look at it under controlled conditions.

Regrettably the majority of PC systems that we have to have back at Evesham are returned for non-warranty repairs-usually the software has got itself into such a state that it needs downloading from a known good source. Taking a PC back means we can be sure that the problem is solved permanently-if it is software corruption, we have a known good point to start from and we can thoroughly test all the components. And sometimes the owner may learn that you can’t force-feed a PC and expect it to have impeccable manners all the time.

  nicebloke 11:31 06 Aug 2005

not good enough

you would be better off spending time improving your customer service than pleading your case on here

you demanded a return with no reason to suspect anything but a simple hardware failure

it very definitely is cost saving

sadly bad business as you will inevitably loose the customers who expect decent treatment, and word of mouth will consign your business to the segment of the market you deserve

if you put the right drivers etc on your website you would probably find you get a lot less software calls

and frankly when i have spent many man hours installing software for very specific things i really dont want some lame evesham tech playing with the setting to fix something that is blatantly a HARDWARE issue

you really are underestimating many of your customers

ah well dont worry ill be in charge of a large PC budget again soon, wonder who I should buy from?

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