Evesham - no refund of delivery costs

  Col Urban 11:25 29 Jul 2004

Having just returned a faulty PC to Evesham and been promised a refund of delivery costs (£42.80) I received an email today saying they won't be refunding the delivery costs.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems?

  ventanas 15:23 29 Jul 2004

Just the opposite. Machine with 4 months rtb warranty left and failed motherboard. Returned just the mobo to Evesham to cut postage costs, but they couldn't fix or replace it. So they wanted the whole box, and collected this at their expense.

Am now going to have a big argument with them over the rules of OEM Windows and replaced motherboards.

  Stuartli 15:39 29 Jul 2004

The promise, whether written or verbal, is a contract.

Insist on a refund. If you don't get it inform Evesham you will be taking the matter to the small claims court.

As the law is on your side (assuming what you say is correct) then you are virtually certain to win your case and Evesham will face an even higher overall cost.

Write to the CEO, MD or whatever, marking it Private and Confidental, outlining your case for the refund. Often just a letter about such a problem proves enough to bring a satisfactory conclusion.

  ventanas 16:01 29 Jul 2004

Did they give a reason for not refunding the charges? Are they disputing that the machine was faulty? You did give them a bit of a slamming in your earlier thread. You havn't upset them have you? Not that that should make any difference.

I've always found Evesham very reliable, but have had a couple of iffy machines in the past year. Things like cd drive not connected. Nothing that couldn't be fixed in seconds without any need to contact them.

  SEASHANTY 16:05 29 Jul 2004

I believe it needs to be an amount of £100 or above for the small claims court. You could ask your local
CAB on the best course of action (or even PCA).

  Stuartli 17:52 29 Jul 2004


  Forum Editor 18:55 29 Jul 2004

on the amount that may be claimed under the small claims procedure rules. There's a minimum for the cost involved, and for claims not exceeding £200 this is currently £27.

1. Did you return the machine to Evesham with their prior agreement?

2. Did you have a written agreement to the refund of your delivery costs?

Under the terms of current UK consumer legislation you are entitled to a refund of the cost of returning the goods, but you must not make such a return without the prior agreement of the supplier. Ideally you must provide notification of your intention to return in writing, and most companies provide a Return To Manufacturer number (or something similar) so they can identify the machine when it arrives.

Did Evesham provide you with a reason for their decision not to refund the costs?

  Col Urban 19:36 29 Jul 2004

They don't dispute the machine was faulty.

To quote Evesham: "To be eligible for a full refund you must be responsible for getting the
goods back to us at your own cost so we will not be able to refund your delivery costs."

I got a returns number over the telephone and was told to post the PC and I they would refund the delivery charges. The trouble here is how can you prove what was said in a telephone call?

  wee eddie 21:12 29 Jul 2004

click here

I am sure that Evesham would ante up the cost of carriage if the fault was theirs. The whole shenanigan has got me confused and I suspect a viral infection of some kind.

  denysecoughlan@ymail.com 08:35 30 Jul 2004

With regard to
"you must be responsible for getting the goods back to us at your own cost "
How have you not done that then- did you pay out physical cash at the PO or whatever?
They obviously do not considered that you have paid out, please explain!!

  simonp1 09:19 30 Jul 2004

Is the comupter under warranty , and what is it, ie 1 year TRB, or onsite?? if it is RTB is it in their contract at your or theirs expense?

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