Evesham mystery

  Southernboy 23:59 15 Jan 2005

Rather sooner than I expected, I'm having to buy a new PC, due to the failure of my six and a half year old Mesh. Still, I have probably had my money's worth.

I had narrowed it down to the Mesh Matrix 64 3500+BPC (#1 in the PCA top ten budget charts) and the Evesham Axis 64 35DA (#3 in the charts).

Both are the same price and the Mesh wins on specification. However, I am influenced by all the positive comments on the Evesham customer support service. Further, my son bought an Evesham 18 months ago and he has never had a problem with it. From what I read here, Mesh do still seem to have their problems and it is reported that they can be difficult to contact. There are also many sad tales of lengthy delays and disagreements.

Given all this, peace of mind is important to me and I think I would accept the #3 choice to secure in the knowledge that Evesham would not give me a load of hassle in the event of problems.

I have checked out both websites and it seems the Mesh do not permit you to "configure down". That is to say, you cannot buy without a monitor or speakers.

Evesham are even worse. Despite their model having been recommended in the last three editions of PCA, I cannot even find it on their site! A further disappointment for me is that they appear to have closed their branch in Croydon. I enjoyed the buying experience when I went there last year with my son, they answered lots of questions and it was good to have a face-to-face meeting. You simply do not get the same reassurance, speaking to aa anonymour person on the phone. Also, I want to SEE what I am buying. Before going to Croydon, we checked out the branch in London, which was difficult to get to, they had far less stock to see and the staff were not so helpful.

Before anyone tells me to go to a local independant store, there aren't any in this area. Those that we once had were just not very good at what they were doing and eventually went bust. I like the reputation of a major supplier.

It rather looks as though my choice may be made for me, as only the Meash appears to be readily available. If only I could feel more confidence in the build quality and the customer service. I would willingly pay more for a quality product.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to pay for a Mesh engineer to deliver and set up?

Views would be welcome, especially from both Mesh and Evesham.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:17 16 Jan 2005

Type 'evesham' into the search and you will find a rather surprising result.

At the end of the day both manufacturers produce thousands of superb computers. You will only ever hear from those that are dissatisfied in some way not the thousands that are chuffed as hell. You will also hear only one side of the story as well so a little caution should be exercised.

Both companies have been going for yonks and this should speak volumes in a highly competitive market.

Personally I prefer the Mesh of the two but then I bought a Medion.........


  spuds 13:33 16 Jan 2005

If you read this forum's responses to the service that Mesh and Evesham offer and give, then perhaps like me you are slightly confused.

Personally I would say that Evesham seem to offer that little more in respect of customer service, but Mesh in the form of Davey seem to be making progress, at least for this forum.

At the end of the day, good or bad customer services only come to light when you really need them. But of course you may also need the local trading standards officer at sometime in the future, to help resolve that final problem!.

Regarding the configure down question, why not contact the two companies and request their advice Evesham [email protected] Mesh [email protected]

  spuds 13:35 16 Jan 2005

Link error Evesham [email protected]

  Sheepish 14:52 16 Jan 2005

I bought a configured Axis 64 35DA last month, but to exclude the monitor and speakers I had to place the order over the phone. (They might give you a similar quote by email, I'm not sure.)

As it's been in the PC Advisor charts for quite a while now it might no longer be on the website, but that usually means something better has come along to replace it. Certainly starting from the review model rather than the standard Dominator model got me a slightly better deal overall.

To date I've been pretty happy with the machine, the only error on delivery was that they had forgotten to include the recovery CD, but shipped this quickly when I queried it. Apart from this have had no need to use tech support. It is a little noisy in running, but this wasn't a surprise from the comments I had already seen, and I don't know if Mesh would be any quieter.

  Fellsider 16:01 16 Jan 2005

This is what I suggest.

Think of a question regarding your prospective PC, preferably a technical one that you already know the answer to.

Send an e-mail to them asking that question.

See how long they take to reply and if the answer is correct.

That should let you know how good they are.

  duckywucky 18:27 16 Jan 2005

I have just purchased the Mesh Matrix 64 3500 CS939 after owning 4 Eveshams! Reasons for choosing it:-
1. When ordering by phone I could specify a Sharp T19D1 monitor which had a better spec than the Viewsonic Evesham supply - with my last Evesham (Evolution 2600Si) they supplied it without a monitor - both companies downgrade by phone! However I was more than happy with the Sharp and the price was cheaper than Evesham! Mesh even upgraded the speakers to ones not offered with the machine config.Both machines are good - we needed a second one hence the purchase. Only gripe is that I had to get drivers for the wireless network card included with the machine from Mesh(why not load them to begin with?)
2.The help offered in store by Evesham was awful. The manager replied to every question by suggesting I read reviews. The young woman assistant knew nothing about the machines in the store but had a nafty line in red lacy thongs which she wore above her trouser line - no guesses what her sales technique was! They no longer do upgrades either!
3.The telephone support is similar (don't phone at the weekend) and in fact I think Mesh is quicker to answer - I have waited for 45 minutes mostly for Evesham but Mesh pick up in 5 - 15 minutes max.
The 19"Sharp monitor is great - much better than 17"!

  It's Me 20:59 16 Jan 2005

I found that i couldn't order what I wanted on line from Mesh, and so I phoned them. I got exactly what I wanted, extra HDD, memory, and keyboard etc left off, it was no trouble, and I got a better price than the site suggested by some 100s. The delivery was exactly as and when said,
it's all worked like a dream ever since July.

  simonp1 10:44 17 Jan 2005

Mesh do supply with out monitors and speakers on the web...just go to customise..you can buy as much or a slittle you need for your PC

TBH both companies customer service are very good and both have a presence here..so i wouldnt let that worry you.

  steve263000 14:44 17 Jan 2005

I have a new Evesham system, with all the bells and whistles,and very good it is too. But then they are all good and the query was service. The CD Rom drive has gone faulty, so I called customer service. The phone was answered very quickly, and while I was waiting a short time a message came to tell me exactly how long I would wait.(2 1/2 mins). The query was sorted quickly and efficiently and a engineer will come this week. So I can only speak through personal experience, but so far I am pleased with Evesham.

  Southernboy 15:53 18 Jan 2005

the Evesham PC has disappeared! I e-mailed Evesham, who told me it was now obsolete (after only three months!), and the relacement has a much lower specification.

Indeed, if you check out the Budget charts in the March PCA, you will see that both Mesh and Evesham have reduced the specifications, presumbly to meet the new £999.00 price ceiling.

Of course, you can upgrade, but the effect is to increase the price to a level higher than the previous models. Far from reflecting "falling prices", it would seem that prices have actually risen, if you wish to match previous Mesh and Evesham models.

I still cannot decide between the two manufacturers. The gap in specification has widened, but I am still concerned, not only with the levels of support, but with the fact that there should be a need for support. If the level of faulty components were not so high, we would not be faced with having to contact the suppliers at all. My current 6 year old PC worked perfectly from day one.

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