Evesham: My new PC, and Great service

  AnthonyB 20:16 01 Apr 2005


My new Evesham Axis 64 Dominator came on Wednesday, and from Order, to delivery, to set up, to - fully working, I couldn't be more pleased with Evesham.

There was a delay on the "FX55 Processor" and Radeon "X850XT card" that I configured with the pc, but EVESHAM RANG *ME* to tell me of this short delay. I asked for evening delivery, and a nice gentleman/courier knocked at the door just after I had my evening meal:) - helped the digestion;)

Nice easy-to-set-up chart was very useful, to guide me through the steps of setting my monitor up and so forth. The Viewsonic VX912 19" screen was the first flatscreen I ever had, and was pleased that it came with ZERO dead Pixels:)

All-in-all, I'm extremely pleased with this PC, and hope that it keeps working well, and should it not do, I feel VERY confident with this company you know. 6K on 3d Mark 05. and 13K on 03 brought an extra smile to my face too.



  AnthonyB 20:19 01 Apr 2005

But "PC Adviser forums" this last week don't seem to be responding well to my logins/search etc anyone else notice this?


  peg leg 12:59 02 Apr 2005

Hi AnthonyB.

I have bought the same PC,with the original configuration,and am also well pleased with Evesham!
I bought it from their shop in Tunbridge Wells about a month ago and have had no problems,in fact the PC I bought had a floppy drive installed which I was not charged for.
Not a big deal,I know, but when everyone's complaining about poor service etc from the different suppliers it's only fair to also give praise when it's due.
Thanks Evesham.

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