Evesham Micros Poor Customer Service

  Gareth Bill 16:44 26 Oct 2004

I am having real difficulty with this company, I bought a laptop from Evesham Micros because it is a relatively small firm (relative to Dell anyway) and I expected to experience better quality service, I was also attracted by their reviews. At £1500 it was not exactly cheap.

Over a period, a number of faults developed on my laptop, I sent it back in August for repair. I waited around two weeks and have been chasing it regularly in the 8 weeks since I sent it in.

After a number of excuses I was told around two and a half weeks ago that the laptop had been repaired, at a cost of c.£900. But they said that water had been spilt on it and I needed to make a claim. I said that I hadn't spilt anything on it done this but as I have lived in shared accommodation I couldn't guarantee that this hadn't happened. As it made no difference to me either way either way I submitted a claim form. I phoned today to chase it, one of their agents phoned the insurance company but said they couldn't get through and so I would need to wait longer. I offered to phone the insurance company and did (having got through first time). They had no trace of my claim. I rang Evesham again and spoke to Richard. He tells me that there are long backlogs on insurance claims and I could do nothing but wait. He advised me that they are ceasing contact with the insurance company due to poor service. He said I could do nothing more but wait, even though the insurance company cannot even confirm that they have my claim and Evesham can do nothing more about it. He went onto say that the laptop is not yet repaired either, contrary to what somebody said three weeks ago.

I do not know what to do and I don't know whether my laptop is fixed or not. I seriously need the PC back.

Just thought I would let other know about my experience so as to weigh up whether to buy from them, i will update this thread with any action they take.

  spuds 19:20 26 Oct 2004

Sounds like this is a case for trading standards advice.Leaving this problem any longer, could result in further obstructions and delays.

In the meantime you could check your rights click here

  Gareth Bill 15:17 29 Oct 2004

Update -

Found out there head of cutomer service is Brad Hinks..so i emailed about five of their addresses saying forward to him..

within two hours of the next day he rang me, said he would authorise the repairs without the insurers authority, which he did , the laptop was despatched same day and i got it the next day.

very good resolution, they should just empower their front line staff to enable them to give such good service.

  anchor 17:31 30 Oct 2004

Bravo Evesham; a good conclusion.

As so often happens, when you contact the right person, (with enough authority), problems can be resolved. I agree with you, front line staff should be able to deal with such matters, but seldom are allowed the power to do so.

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