Evesham laptop reair and update

  tonyq 15:26 19 Mar 2008

I bought a Evesham laptop just under 2yrs ago with with an extra 2yr warranty for my son to use at Uni.On January 16th 2008 I informed them that the hinge had cracked and needed to be repaired but I would be unable to send the laptop in for repair until the end of term (March 14th).On March 13th I sent a email to say I was able to send the laptop in for repair. As most of you will have read that Evesham have had there problems I have now received the following from Evesham.

Dear Mr
Thank you for your e-mail of 13th March

From 3rd February all ex-gratia support for equipment purchased from Evesham Technology Ltd before August 3rd 2007 has been withdrawn. This follows the company's liquidation on 3rd January. An alternative support package has been put in place at a reasonable cost. Please call 0870160 9534 to discuss the details.

If only I could have sent it in January.

The Tel Num 08701609534 is for
click here
as we have 2 laptops and 1 desk top there charges don't seem to bad.
Has anyone had dealings with the company?

  tillybaby 09:30 20 Mar 2008

I have a laptop with 20months warranty still left on it. Total Care contacted me and said they had bought all of Evesham's parts, bits and bobs so if anything went wrong with an Evesham product they had the necessary parts to repair it. Cut a very long telephone call short, I agreed to a dd of £4.99 a month for 12 months, they also said they would sort out my old Mesh computer for that too AND include security and virus cover too. Because I had to cut the call short they said they had to phone me back the following day to read out the data jargon etc. They never did, next thing I know is that they had taken out the first £4.99 payment so I immediately cancelled the dd as I wasn't entirely happy,

They then phoned me and I explained I'd cancelled the direct debit but they were fine about it, I know this isn't the experience you're talking about and I've never actually used them for a repair but there was just something that I didn't feel happy with, probably because they never phoned me when they should have done once they'd got my bank details.

  FatboySlim71 09:51 20 Mar 2008

It really saddens me to see Evesham in this situation.

They have always been know for their excellent customer service. I bought a PC from them a while back and the service was A1.

My fear is this, there will be many people who have taken out extended warranties when they purchased their equipment, they will have paid for the extended warranty at the time they purchased their equipment, now they are told that if they need their equipment fixed they need to pay a "reasonable cost" (whatever this is) for another support package. I can imagine now that many many people will have lost faith in Evesham and their once great customer service.

Surely if a customer has paid for a support package in the offset then Evesham's new owners should honour the original support package/warranty.

It is really sad to see the once great Evesham treating customers this way, albeit Evesham's new owners.

  spuds 11:56 20 Mar 2008

I have stated many times within this forum, that any warranty deals purchased at the same time as the product, by credit card or 'computer' finance should be covered by section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, under the terms of 'Equal Liability'.

I cannot understand people who do not check this route before paying for or considering extra services, because some independent company suggest that you do so, in the first instant.

I have undertaken similar previous 'peace of mind' warranty problems, due to companies going bust. And in each case (after making it clear), the banking establishments have undertaken warranty claim procedures.

  setecio 13:10 20 Mar 2008

Well I would count yourself lucky that you didn't send the laptop in January. It might have disappeared into the black hole.

Spuds .... do you mean that if you buy warrantys with a credit card, you will get the relevant proportion of your money back from the credit card company if they go bust ?

  tonyq 18:38 20 Mar 2008

One thing that I don't seem able to find on there site is the address of Total Care. Why no address?

  tillybaby 19:22 20 Mar 2008

Their address is published on their website. If you just click the contact us bit you will find it.

  tillybaby 19:23 20 Mar 2008

Sorry, wrong site -duh!!

  Woolwell 21:38 20 Mar 2008

The address is in the terms and conditions pdf. Total Care and Support Ltd apparently trade as Digital Home Club and their address is Time Technology Park.

I am pretty sure that the new owner of Evesham is also the owner of Time therefore it is no surprise that they have the parts.

  spuds 22:39 20 Mar 2008

Under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, it would be the responsibility of the finance provider via a credit card or computer finance agreement to 'honour' the warranty that was purchased, if the retailer or service agent ceases to trade. A provider may try to perhaps suggest that they will 'buy-out' the remainder of the warranty, but you do not have to agree with this. The warranty should be 'honoured' within the terms of the original agreement.

Some finance providers have arrangements in place with repair agents, others may suggest that you get a local computer repair shop involved, and then submit a quotation. Depending on who you are dealing with, can make a difference in which way they want to 'honour' the agreement.In the cases that I have had need to personally request assistance for 'Equal Liability', I found that the initial approach was always met with an attitude of "Nothing to do with us". Total rubbish, and they know this, but they possibly hope that consumer ignorance will release them from any involvements.

  setecio 09:20 21 Mar 2008

Interesting, I didn't know that.

So if I buy a new PC and then an extended warranty, using my credit card, if the PC/warranty company goes bust, and if my PC breaks, I can go back to my bank and tell them to honour the warranty under 'equal liability' and find someone to fix it.


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