Evesham Lappie Power Supply -AWOL

  jack 08:44 07 Aug 2009

One of my 'flock' has an Evesham laptop- and has 'lost' the power supply.
A Google' search has revealed verious suppliers that offer such items as quite a high price[£50 up]
As this is a 19v supply, have any of you experienced a more reasonable source for laptop power supplies?

  anchor 09:07 07 Aug 2009

This "might" do; seems to be something of a generic

click here

To be honest, £50 is probably quite a good price for a Laptop power supply.

  jack 20:13 12 Aug 2009

This particular 'sheep' wound up in hospital for observation at the weekend.
Went to visit - up and chirpy- So I said shall I go to sort his machine out and look for missing Power supply.
Oh yeas please.
So this AM I turned up. Lady of house let me in and left me to it.
Got cracking on his machine - and whilst it was sorting itself out , I took in the 'knitting behine the machine' the usual bundle of connectors and power 'bricks' including a rather large one which was on and powering something.
Turned it over -well I be blowed a Lite-On -19v- Thats what is 'missing'- what is it running?
Followed the wire to the cable Modem[10v]
laying nearby clearly labelled- a power brick for the modem[10v it a wonder it had not melted with 19v going into it.]
Thats worth a bottle of single malt or two me thinks.

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