Evesham Job Cuts

  ajm 13:14 08 Jan 2004
  gravitytalks 14:05 08 Jan 2004

This is a shame, especially at the beginning of the new year. Rumours have been rife on the net about the state of Evesham for several months now and it looks like they were well founded. I'd like to think that sales will pick up for them, but I expect most people will look elsewhere now when buying a new PC because they can't be certain that Evesham will still be around in three years to honour the parts warranty/give support etc. A great pity, my first ever PC (a 486DX2) back in 1994 was a Vale, and very good it was too!

  alcudia 14:19 08 Jan 2004

Heck. I've bought 30 pc's from them over the past two years. All still in warranty. Still fingers crossed.

  james213654 14:23 08 Jan 2004

I was in the market of buying a new system i was going to buy from Evesham but after reading this article there is absolutely no way that i will be buying from then. I will take the risk should the company cease operations and my warranty is then worth nothing.

Please let me no your thoughts

  ajm 14:24 08 Jan 2004

The article does not mention in which dept the 2-30 jobs will be cut. Evesham employs approx 500 staff, so i would presume it may be in either management or technical level where the job cuts are.

I know of a friend who has bought Evesham machines in the past and still has one. He has been very very impressed with the machines and also impressed with the 3-year onsite service they offer.

  anchor 14:29 08 Jan 2004

Oh dear!, I hope that Evesham, are not going the way of some other good manufacturers. I remember the demise of Dan about 3 years ago.

Perhaps some one from Evesham will post on this forum to explain matters, or I can see sales are in for a drop. This forum caters for people who are their potential customers.

  alcudia 14:30 08 Jan 2004

I suppose all we can do is watch and wait. Our entire network is now Evesham (except the server) I've never had reason to complain, the machines are extremely reliable (probably kiss of death there). The trouble is that news like this puts people off, and sales slump even more.

  anchor 14:42 08 Jan 2004

Problems all round it seems:

click here

  wee eddie 14:42 08 Jan 2004

that a company that cuts its manufacturing staff, before the rest of the herd admits to a tough trading season, is more likely to succeed than one that holds on, in the hope of increased business.

Evesham have always been strong on the design front, and their PCs have frequently been at the top of the performance charts.

Let us hope that they have bitten the bullet in time and survive. There are a number of High Street Stores and one Superstore that may be in difficulty as a result of poor trading over Christmas. So they won't be alone in experiencing job cuts.

  terminus 14:44 08 Jan 2004

I wouldn't be so keen to press the doom n gloom button yet. Companies that rationalise in anticipation of a market down-turn usually last a lot longer than those that can't see it coming.

  Quartermaster 15:15 08 Jan 2004

I have just used my warranty when I had a problem.Took Evesham less than a week to get an engineer round to replace most guts of my system. Friends have not been quite so lucky, not much point having a warranty if all you do is wait in a qeue on the phone and get no response eh

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