Evesham.... is it wise?

  RobHague 19:10 01 Dec 2007

I recently ordered one of the following systems...
click here
from ROCK for a grand total of £2068.

For that you get the Clevo based notebook, 2.4ghz C2D, 2GB 800Mhz DDR, 160GB HDD (7200RPM) and 1GB INTEL TURBO MEMORY + 8800M GTX. Delivery is slated for sometime mid-december.

But it seems Evesham just released (on the 29/30th Nov) a new Notebook, the Zieo NX680-HDX. Which you can see here... click here

For £1999, not only is is cheaper, but the specification is significantly improved.

My problem is ive never purchased from Evesham before. Ok so ive never purchased from ROCK before either, but then ROCK has not been in the media as going into Administration.
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It's hard to find out whats going on 'today'. I did get into a live chat with Evesham support and they said the following....

"We have been taken over by the original business 'Evesham Micro's' but we still operate under the same name. We went into voluntary administration to deal with the problems a finance company had given us. Apart from that we are doing business as usual."

I still feel uneasy about it however. I have had fruitless searchs trying to find any recent buyers ~ So has anyone any more information about them that might be relivent? Has anyone purchased a notebook/desktop from Evesham in November and recieved it?

Many thanks!

P.S - No im not rich! I have just been saving for a long time. Hence my caution.

  spuds 20:32 01 Dec 2007

If you purchase by credit card or computer finance, then the finance providing company have equal liability under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. Your money and any warranty should be safe.

This Act doe's not cover transactions by personal finance loans, debit cards (unless Halifax!), cheques or cash.

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