Evesham - good customer service.

  salsin 21:26 12 Oct 2007

If you refer back to 22/8/07 there is a thread about an "unconnected" firewire port on the PC I bought from Evesham earlier this year. I am pleased to say that, whilst not admitting that their staff had made an error, Evesham did eventually agree to supply me with a separate PCI firewire card free of charge.
With all the "bad" news floating around in recent weeks about Evesham's possible demise, I am pleased to report an amicable resolution of my "complaint". After an exchange of letters, I made it clear that this was not a question of money (firewire cards are fairly cheap) but about their customer relations policy and whether they were still serious about giving a high standard of service. We are all human, we make mistakes. It happens. What separates the "good" companies from the "bad" is their attitude to putting the problem right and hopefully thereby retaining the goodwill of their customer. I'm glad to say that Evesham have.
I sincerely hope that they get thro' this sticky patch. Making staff redundant is brutal; there is no nice way of doing it and I've been on the receiving end more than once. However, I live in Worcestershire (where their H.O. is) and I think it is important not only to support local companies but also to ensure that we have an alternative to the "giants" like Dell and HP.
I have dealt with Evesham for 20 years or so - I shall continue to do so.

  Lio 22:58 12 Oct 2007

Having an Evesham pc which is still under warranty, this is heartening. I had some dealings with their tech support early in the year and was impressed by their helpfulness.
If they get through this sticky patch I would be willing to buy from them in the future.

  100andthirty 16:28 13 Oct 2007

My pc is under warranty. The graphics card started failing. Arranged for on site support withing 48 hours of confirming a hardware failure. Unfortunately they rang to day they can't get the graphics card any more (ATI9800 all in wonder). Instead, they collected the machine and said they would have to change a number of components to brinng it to the same spec. Taking a bit longer than the 48 hours, but the same helpful, friendly people as before "the troubles". Will report on return of computer.

(resurrected a 7 year onld win 98/pentium 3 machine in the meantime - soooooo slow!)

  100andthirty 16:29 13 Oct 2007

Should read "......they contacted me to say....."! Wish there was an edit button.

  100andthirty 20:50 16 Oct 2007

Computer returned Monday 15th. Haven't had chance to test as have been away. they have fitted, a new motherboard, processor, memory, hard disk, graphics card and a TV card and a new USB2 card. Will report further on how it works, but assuming it's Ok, this represents excellent service

  100andthirty 20:51 16 Oct 2007

All under the warranty, I hasten to add

  FatboySlim71 09:14 20 Oct 2007

I purchased a PC from Evesham just over 18 months ago (its still under warranty I will add) I really do hope that Evesham come out of this sticky patch and continue to give the excellent level of customer service and great quality machines as they have done in the past. If they can, I would definitely purchase another PC from them, I have found my PC as one of the most reliable and stable PC's I have owned.

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