Evesham - Evolution 3000 Blue Lightning

  Giovanni-301263 00:28 23 Jan 2004

Hi, I am on the brink of ordering the above system but would appreciate a bit of feedback and advice before I proceed. I will be upgrading as follows:

Processor to P4 3.2ghz
Monitor to Philips 170B4BS TFT DVI
52x24x52 CDRW drive
Sony DW-U14A Multi Format DVD writer
Sound Blaster Audigy 2 zs

Firstly would you say that this is a good choice, the pc and configuration bearing in mind I have got a budget. Also I am planning not to upgrade the graphics card and stick to the Radeon 9600 256MB VGA/DVI. Would you say this is a good card and will allow me to play games with good results. I am not a gaming freak but I do like to play some games and so I would need good performance from the card.
Finally can anyone also confirm if Evesham cds come with windows xp cd in event or reinstalling needs and installed software backed up on cds?

Many thanks in advance


  soy 00:52 23 Jan 2004

Really impressive spec!

I have an evesham and I can confirm that evensham DOES supply a full XP disk as standard.

  mole44 14:40 23 Jan 2004

like soy i use an evesham you`ll not go wrong,there brilliant machines still using my old one after 5 years and its still going strong,my new one an evesham and its superb.

  Southernboy 14:57 23 Jan 2004

did NOT supply a full XP disc when I bought this PC last May. Queried at the time and was told that they only supply Recovery Discs.

Has this changed?

  scareybus 17:53 23 Jan 2004

Have you consider a Dell Dimension 8300? If you look at the review models (think they are called Rev 53 or Rev 52) they seem to be good value for money. You will need to search the website to find them!!

  Giovanni-301263 20:00 23 Jan 2004

I originally was considering the Dell 8300 but have been rather put off by the experiences my friend with a Dell system has been having with their support and customer service departments recently since they re located them to India. As he is a total novice with pc`s I actually phoned them for him and what a dreadful experience it is. Very didficult to make yourself understood and very difficult to understand them, in addition the advice they seem to give is very dubious in my opinion.

Also I have been frustrated whenever I go onto the Dell web site, none of the advertised prices for featured systems are actually given when one selects a system and goes to check out to see the price. Seems a badly designed and confusing web site. Generally Dell seem to have lost,in my opinion and others it seems, that special edge that made them a desired brand.

Evesham seem to be a much more safer proposition to me which is why am interested in hearing peoples opinion, in particular those with more knowledge and experience than me which would be most, on the system stated above.

Many thanks to you all above who have contributed already and would be interesting to see an actual comment from Dell themselves.

  soy 21:08 23 Jan 2004

I bought my PC in august 2002 and it came with a full XP disk. Maybe it has changed since then, I just assumed Evesham would continue like this.

Sorry for the mistake.

  Steven135 23:27 23 Jan 2004

I bought an Evesham PC last June I Got a CD for device drivers and another entitled Product Recovery CD-ROM this is in fact a full version of WXP one with which you may do a complete clean install which I have done once.

If in doubt why not give them a ring.

  soy 09:14 24 Jan 2004

Yeah, MY CD says Recovery on it, but it is in fact a full XP disk.

Guess I was right then, lol.

  iashem 09:16 24 Jan 2004

i received a recovery cd and a seperate driver cd including sp1 with my pc which arrived 2 weeks ago

  Billp64 15:05 24 Jan 2004

Regarding your Dell remarks I have ordered two systmes recently, there site allows you to configure what you require in a system even down to the type of warranty. Every part can be changed so once you input your requirements you will see the end price complete, very easy to do. I ordered my system last Saturday evening it was delivered the next Thursday. In my opinion first class service.

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