Evesham developments

  Dae 17:37 03 Aug 2007

There is news about Evesham at "The Register"

It includes this statement 'Richard Austin, founder and chairman at Evesham, said in a statement: "We would like to reassure all of our customers that they will continue to receive support from the same Evesham staff and that their existing warranties will continue to be handled with Evesham's award winning service, as before".'

  Dae 17:46 03 Aug 2007

"The Register" is at click here

  Totally-braindead 17:56 03 Aug 2007

Time aren't exactly the sort of company I would want to take over Evesham, what I mean is time has vanished and reappeared numberous times over the years the same as Tiny so it doesn't inspire much confidence.

  oresome 18:50 03 Aug 2007

The update at the end of The Register article suggests that the majority of staff have been asked to leave the premises.

  ACILLES 20:09 03 Aug 2007

Regretably, it's true- whatever form the new company takes, the heart has been ripped out of it-thanks to everyone who has supported Evesham in its old form for so many years-

No, we never paid anyone (otherwise Ms Zammit would never have gone on for so long!) and yes, we generally tried to do our best-but in the end, small fleas have bigger fleas on their backs to bite 'em, ad infinitum.

And thanks to the Forum moderator- your views were always appreciated and yes, honestly, it was Neil's Dad!

Love and kisses to you all


  ITworksforme 20:43 03 Aug 2007

Just did a search and will assume that 'Carolyn' is Evesham's front line to the world in terms of press relations

Sorry day for everyone if a company with Evesham's reputation comes under the old dark wing of 'Time'

When Time went under, it was reported that they owed many suppliers a fortune and even reporters for the Sunday Times seem shocked that "...3 million pounds worth of stock was transfered to foreign companies..." (click here)

The same report(s) seemed to say that while Tahir Mohsan left for the sunshine in Dubai, the administrators at Grant Thorton were stumped as to where £8M worth of assets were

Loyal Evesham customers must be hoping that leopards really can change their spots

Good luck to the new company

  Probabilitydrive 21:06 03 Aug 2007

..and now I have to do some fast growing up. No more really helpful evesham guys, whose patience was only matched -some years back- by my ignorance of all things computer.

No more engineer call-outs, capable guys who actually turned up in time/on the day agreed.

The fat lady sang(no offence),a great outfit has left the building and based on what I know/read/researched about 'time', I certainly wont have a spare minute for a time in the future...

  shizzy 21:52 03 Aug 2007

I emailed Evesham tech. support a couple of days ago asking how to use PC Angel if I ever need it also saying how sorry we were about their situation. Today I received an email with clear instructions and even screenshots included. We have had only Evesham PCs for nine years and would like through this forum to wish all Evesham staff the very best of luck. What with the floods and now losing their jobs they need it. A very sad day for staff and customers alike.

  SteveWH 23:40 03 Aug 2007

Like many others I have been a repeat customer, my last 4PC's. My latest is only a few months old so I wonder about the warranty though I have only ever had to use the warranties for a CD drive which failed after two years. They built great machines.

I wish all the staff well its a great shame.

  Forum Editor 00:51 04 Aug 2007

It was always a pleasure to work with you, Carolyn, and I wish you all the best for the future.

  ITworksforme 10:24 04 Aug 2007

Suppose you always have to wonder if it was possible to save the company a different way

Most reports seem to suggest that the 'lose that broke the camels back' was around £2M

National average salary is, maybe, £27,000

Out of the south east, with the much lower cost of living, that could come down to £20,000

When the government stopped the HCL programme (or whatever you call it), then maybe Evesham could have simply lost 100 support/admin people and made ends meet

Tough call, I know, but I wonder if Evesham customers would prefer (a) 100 less caring/sharing/skilled staff trying very hard to cover the gap - or - (b) Time's old guard running the support operation ?

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