Evesham, Dell or AN Other

  Curacion66 23:10 12 Nov 2006

I am looking to but a new PC. I want something that is capable of handling large raw photo files as well as the usual office products. I'm not into gaming, but like a fast PC. I've found various products from Dell & Evesham but can't make up my mind. Both appear to be fairly matched.
What is the general consensus in the field. John

  Woolwell 23:47 12 Nov 2006

Dell make competively priced systems and can be reliable. Their call centre is in India and it can be a bit difficult for them to understand you if you have a dialect and vice versa. I understand that they tend to have components that are unique to Dell.

Evesham are UK based and in my experience are easy to speak to when placing an order (no experience of after sales). They tend to be a little more expensive then Dell.

I've bought from Dell and Evesham. 6 from Dell, 2 from Evesham. I have had one problem and that was with a Dell which was dead on arrival and there was a mix up with the order in that the spec ended up being incorrect (language problems?). Refund happened ok but not without small hassle over collection. Others have had no problems. Very pleased with the remainder of the Dells and the Eveshams have worked fine and like them.

Bottom line - not much to choose between them.

  1minute 08:26 13 Nov 2006
  keef66 11:38 13 Nov 2006

Personal preference would be for Evesham, despite the slightly higher prices. UK based tech support who appear to know what they are talking about rather than feeding you questions parrot fashion.

Pointed several friends and family in Evesham's direction over last few years with good feedback.

If however you anticipate being able to fix any problems yourself, don't plan to do much upgrading, and want maximum bang for your buck, go for Dell.

  oldbeefer2 20:31 13 Nov 2006

Yes, Dell are cheaper, but I've had great sevice from Evesham (apart from picking up a speeding ticket on my way into their shop in Evesham from the M5!).

  tony58 20:36 13 Nov 2006

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  Probabilitydrive 22:26 13 Nov 2006

I'm on my second evesham, and happy with it. I second keef66's evaluation of this company.

(Fairly)quick in reponding to your queries, knowledgable tech support, ...in general after you have sorted your plan A (deciding to buy a quality machine) Evesham backs you up with a good plan B (good support, after care package)

One thing though, should you ever send your machine back, you need to be on your toes and make sure that you know where your machine is, who is doing what and what quality asurance procedures are carried out.

Having said that, their machines are beautiful put togehter and work out of the box.

  Les 10:53 14 Nov 2006

I have, over the years, bought several Evesham machines - no bother with any of them, all worked straight from the box. Only once did I have a faulty CD drive and that was replaced immediately.

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