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  jimnjo 22:32 03 Dec 2003

Many people, like myself use this site and others when getting advice on which computer to buy.
As usual, you find a lot of negative reports about different manufacturers especially from anyone who has had a problem with there PC.

Here then is my experience with EVESHAM.
After many months of research I made the decision to go with EVESHAM.

I ordered my machine, an AMD64 3200+, on 16th October. I asked for delivery on or after 3 November as we were going to be away for a while.

The machine arrived as requested on 3 Nov, all was as ordered even a better spec that expected.

Set up was straightforward and operated fine.

After a few days I had a query. Phoned the national rate help line, answered after 10 minutes by a technician who seemed to know what he was talking about. It transpired that a home visit was needed and this was arranged while talking to the technician.

The technician arrived next day, very efficient sorted the problem. The machine works brilliantly.

Would I recommend EVESHAM?, certainly would.
From ordering the machine to delivery and after sales service all carried out by people on the phone who seem to know what they are talking about and follow your instructions to the letter or better in my case.
And no expensive phone lines when you have a query.

Will certainly put them top of the list for any future purchases.


  bfoc 23:00 03 Dec 2003

Your good experience.

As someone who has recommended Evesham, both on this forum and personally among frinds, family and colleagues, your experiences matches mine!

I have now arranged about 15 purchases in the last couple of years and in the one event of a real problem (my own machine, unlucky as ever!) I too had a technician within 36 hours!

In the ideal world problems wouldn't occur, but in my real world I want to know that if (when?) problems occur they will be sorted out quickly and effectively.

That is why I do recommend Evesham. I've jsut placed an order tonight on behalf of friends! (Now don't let me down Evesham!)

Whether they are the best.. I can't say as I haven't tried all the rest. But they are, in my experience, 'better' at customer service than the other 3 I have tried!

Also they have an active prescence here and that is a big plus!

  Evesham Support 09:21 04 Dec 2003

Thank you for the positive feedback; it is much appreciated as it helps us to know that we are on the right track and continuing to provide the service for which we have become famous.

Remember, should any forum member experience problems with their Evesham equipment then they are most welcome to contact us directly through [email protected].

Kindest regards

Customer Support

Evesham Technology Ltd

  keenan 10:38 04 Dec 2003

Maybe other manufacturers should take note and with a 'forum' of 124,000 members, it would seem to me 'good business sense' to have a presence

  mdshamilton 12:05 04 Dec 2003

Wouldn't a better PC provider have delivered a PC that worked OK in the first place and didn't need a home visit?

I have a new Dell PC that worked great out of the box and I've never needed a home visit. Not something to crow about - but a PC that worked first time as requested.

  SEASHANTY 13:31 04 Dec 2003

Purchased my first PC from Evesham in 1997. It worked okay for most of the time but then the graphics card packed in. They sent another fairly quickly so the service was fine. However - I reckon I was overcharged by about 20% on the purchase price of the PC. I have never purchased another Evesham PC. My last four have been Medions from Aldi.

  CodeMeister 14:21 04 Dec 2003

Like mdshamilton, I too have just taken delivery of a brand new Dell PC that worked fine straight out of the box with no need to contact support.

Evesham no doubt have very good customer service and support staff but it's much better if you never need them in the first place.

Just as amatter of interest jimnjo, is your Evesham PC very noisy ? I heard a blue lightning recently that sounded like it was about to take off but I must say that my Dell just purrs.

  Bushmanbob 15:33 04 Dec 2003

Realising that the time had come to replace my old p.c. I was determined never again to go out and purchase an expensive "pig-in-a-poke!" This time I followed the advice of PC Advisor Issue 100 Dec 2003 and purchased the abovemachine. Within a week of taking my phone order the new p.c. was delivered to my door (unfortunately the deliveryman concerned could have benefited from a little customer relations tuition though).
To say I am pleased with Evesham Axis 3000+ would be an understatment. It performs beautifully. It is amazingly fast, the graphics superb, and in reply to the above comment by "Code Meister" my Evesham also just purrs.

  sidewinder e3 16:19 04 Dec 2003

i have an Evesham and it has word fine and when a bulb had blown, i thought that they would have to take it in for repairs. BUt they sent a technician who came and in 30mins have changed it without it leaving the house. Top service from a top company!

  chawallah 16:45 04 Dec 2003

I've just purchased the Medion 8080 from Aldi. Can i rest assured that i have purchased a topnotch PC?. Have you had any problems with the Medions? If so how has the support been?

  jimnjo 19:12 04 Dec 2003

Wow, when I started this thread all I really wanted to say was that too many consumers do their research, buy a computer, if it works then that is it, we hear nothing more from them.
If it fails for any reason, then sure enough they come on sites like this and slag off the company they bought the machine from.

What many purchasers dont understand is that 'all' manufacturers just build their machines, sourcing their components from many different companies, Sony, Philips, Creative, Iomega, the list is endless.
It is a bit unfair then, when you purchase a Dell, Evesham, Time, or whatever computer and, the Sony hard drive or the Nvidia motherboard fails after a couple of weeks and you blame the computer manufacturer.
This is the time when you find out how good your particular company is.

I am sure your Dells, Medions etc are very good machines and hopefully they wont fail, but if they do, then prepare for a long wait on expensive phone lines.

I can only repeat from original order to delivery and after, EVESHAM have been first class


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